rawpothecary juice cleanse review || + giveaway!!

rawpothecary juice cleanse

my first ever juice cleanse.

can you believe it? with the slew of green juice + smoothies in my life it is a bit odd that i haven’t ventured into the cleansing world sooner. i was super excited when i shared that i was cleansing/reviewing on instagram- turns out many of you are wondering what it is like! so here i am sharing every detail. best part? i’m teaming up with rawpothecary for a cleanse giveaway to one of YOU! green juice cheers to that.

but, back to my juice cleanse phobia (now happily overcome) – i had a few reasons why i was skeptical.

first, i thought hellllll no am i going a day without coffee. (yes, i understand the issue there, but just being honest). second, i was afraid that i would feel somewhat triggered by the lack of food and therefore feel too restrictive especially with my eating disorder background. it is something you have to remain aware of even years later in recovery.

the solution for me, rawpothecary’s one-day daily remedy juice cleanse. 

as a beginner, one-day was perfect. what also helped was that rawpothecary’s approach is to have not only cold pressed juices, but fiber rich blends and seed milks throughout the day. therefore, with six total drinks, 2 of each variety, i was left feeling satisfied.

not only satisfied, i actually had energy! i’m going to go through my day describing flavors, ingredients, timing, etc.


8 am. first juice //

cold pressed + a true detox elixer, “lemon oasis” was a super tart blend of lemon, ginger, licorice, hibiscus flower, sea salt + safflower. it’s meant to alkalize + do wonders for digestive system + pH levels.

the result? a super tart but overall yummy first juice. as someone who frequently apple cider vinegar shots in the morning + plenty of lemon water, i didn’t find it too strong. however, it is sour. the other ingredients helped to counter the lemon juice + it helped to sip slowly before the second drink.

10 am. second juice //

actually, a seed milk. my favorite of the whole day probably because it included cold pressed coffee. what’s in it? dates, sunflower seed, cold brew coffee, vegan protein, it was filling + truly delicious. just make sure you shake shake shake it up!

**secret: ok, i also had 1 blood orange at this time. kill me. 

12 pm. third juice //

fiber filled! kale-ifornia was DELICIOUS. it did have pulp + skin so the texture was not as smooth as a cold pressed. more like a juice + smoothie hybrid. including kale, banana, kiwi, dates, blueberries, + coconut h20, it was a great lunch. i also started to feel less foggy by this time. maybe it was in my head (pun intended) but i felt a bit less lethargic + just mentally more alert. i also was excited to be into the first of three green juices.

**next secret: i must admit. i also ate an avocado with black pepper. i need fats in my diet to stay feeling great. plus, i don’t feel that my incorporation of raw foods during the day was anything that could have greatly changed the way the cleanse worked. also, i had to be on my feet on Friday + felt that being sustained for that reason was important. more on this in different juices. 

2 pm. fourth juice //

similar to kale-ifornia, next up was “dandi-detox”. also full of fiber, it was all about the detoxing in this blend. it had dandelion, parsley, pineapple, raspberries,  +  coconut h2o. very good, actually enjoyed it the most of all three greens. although i could not stop peeing after. hey, you asked for the experience.

**i also chomped on some celery and english cucumber slices. i think the act of chewing/snacking was something i missed more so than hunger. the cleanse most definitely helped me with understanding my true hunger cues and to be more mindful/savor the food. 

5 pm fifth juice // at this point i definitely felt as if i had consumed plenty of fruits and veggies. i wasn’t full, but i certainly wasn’t hungry, which surprised me. next was another cold pressed juice. this one called holla-pina! why? it’s got some spice. loved this one too because it had celery, spinach, parsley, pineapple + jalapeno pepper. hydrating, light, and just plain good.

**then around 6:30 pm i had a banana. 

8 pm sixth juice //

mmm another seed milk. hemp in fact. i love that rawpothecary is nut free. so much protein and a ton of aminos in the “heavenly hemp” milk. it had just hemp, coconut nectar and dates. to end the day on a more filling drink was enough to keep me satisfied. i was totally dreaming of a big bowl of oatmeal the next day at this point though….

all in all. i loved the cleanse. i began to wonder how my body would react and feel on a longer cleanse. i was also proud of myself not only for doing it, but also for not beating myself up for the few “slip ups” of added fruits/veggies. listen to your body. an extra banana isn’t going to kill you…

for more strict cleansers, i truly feel that this was a well rounded, great option for a juice cleanse and my intake of extra snacks may have been more out of habit than anything else.

the best news? we got a giveaway.

yup, this week check out my giveaway on instagram and follow the guidelines to enter. winner announced Friday! also comment below to share your juice cleanse experience!

** note: this cleanse was gifted to me for review, however all opinions are honestly my own. **



  1. January 25, 2016 / 9:32 pm

    I agree that a one-day cleanse is good for beginners! I started with a three-day and it was too much for me.

    • Kate
      January 27, 2016 / 7:38 pm

      Interesting! So I’m not the only one who feels that would be too much to start… thanks for sharing, Kayley!

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