saturday superfood spotlight || goji berries

oh goodness goji berries. superfoods have taken over the health food market & i’m on the bandwagon. the nutrient-rich ingredients are even making their way to mainstream supermarket shelves.goji berries kale in it


i truly believe that the health of our society is in need of change. a focus on whole, plant-based food rather than processed is something i hope continues to be discussed & promoted.

goji berries: whether in powder or dried berry form- the berries are slightly sweet & super beneficial.

the good? these little guys pack radical fighting antioxidants, zinc, iron, phosphorus. they contain more vitamin c than citrus fruits and more iron than spinach! add the fact that they have 18 amino acids and vitamin a too.

how do i use them? one of my favorite smoothie bowl toppings, these berries can be used very similar to raisins. add it to a trail mix, bake into a whole grain muffin, stir into oatmeal, or simply enjoy by the handful.

i topped my recent sunshine smoothie recipe with goji berries and coconut.

sunshine turmeric smoothie kaleinit


this smoothie had:

frozen mango |frozen banana | almond milk | fresh ginger | turmeric (ground) | & an orange

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have a favorite superfood? wondering about a different superfood that I can discuss next time? comment below. enjoy the weekend everyone!!


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