meatless monday // spicy rice noodles with sesame tahini sauce

spicy sesame rice noodles kaleinit

it’s that day of the week again. #meatlessmonday. where more people are going meatless for 24 hours and I’m doing a happy dance. side note – it’s also the day bachelor/ette airs  – who’s still watching that show?!? I am, I am!

so I’m wondering, who decided Monday has to suck?? this recipe is soooo delicious, healthy, and very simple to make. I couldn’t wait to share in hopes it becomes a part of your meatless monday rotation and lightens the monday mood. eat it with chopsticks and savor the flavor.

sesame tahini rice noodles kaleinit

lately I’ve been trying to challenge myself in the kitchen. I am starting a plant based cooking certification August 4th and I look forward to learning new skills. but as this blog has evolved, there is no denying my culinary skills continue to advance as well. 

this weekend I developed 3 recipes… without a recipe. 

now, do I copy other recipes? no no no no. I make my vegan swaps, change the way it was cooked (steam versus roast veggies for example) and change up ingredients and measurements based on my preferences. but for this recipe I didn’t do any research or pinterest browsing for inspiration. it was impromptu. I knew I had a box of rice noodles in the pantry and I always have tahini on hand. I buy shredded carrots weekly and scallions as well. the only thing I picked up were the snap peas – which add that great crunchy texture. 

it’s a recipe that only requires one pot of boiling water, some chopping skills, and a whisk. and I’m proud I came up with it all. by. my. self. even if it was simple. 

i love to buy rice noodles because of my passion for pad thai.  unfortunately I have been unable to perfect any pad thai recipes… yet. it’s harder than it looks! then again, there was a pad thai take out joint across the street from my college apartment and nothing rivals it. I can’t help but compare it to those delicious dinners I would pick up after a long day of wandering around ASU’s campus in the blazing heat. but, I digress…

kaleinit sesame tahini rice noodles

this recipe is ready for its’ close up…





although this isn’t from said take out spot…and actually isn’t a pad thai at all.. this recipe is legit.

this recipe is also…

light and fresh.

has a slight crunch.

slightly spicy. 

slightly sweet.

gluten free. 

dairy free.

egg free.

refined sugar free.

soy sauce free. (not soy free due to edamame.)

nut free. 

 woah. did I cover enough bases? let’s get cooking before I start adding adjectives like “hot” or “contains vegetables”. overkill, Kate.

please note that I used liquid aminos in this recipe. you can find them from bragg here. I prefer this soy free and low sodium option. however, tamari or low sodium soy sauce would work just fine!

I also purchased frozen edamame and prepared according to package. I recommend an organic shelled version to save time!

lastly, I chose carrot and snap peas when preparing. other additions or substitutions include steamed broccoli, watermelon radish, or red/yellow bell pepper.

kaleinit rice noodles tahini sesame

let’s start making it!

spicy rice noodles with sesame tahini sauce
  1. 1 8 oz. package of rice noodles
  2. 1-2 cups of frozen edamame- cooked
  3. 1 cup shredded carrot- raw
  4. 3/4 cup of snap peas, raw and cut in half lengthwise
  5. 2 scallions chopped
  1. 3 tbsp. sesame oil
  2. 2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar (or rice vinegar)
  3. 2 tbsp. coconut sugar
  4. 2 tbsp. liquid aminos
  5. 1/4 tsp. ground ginger
  6. 2 tsp. tahini
  7. pinch of chili flakes
  1. additional scallions, red pepper flakes, sesame seeds.
  1. 1. first cook rice noodles according to package directions and drain.
  2. 2. cook edamame according to package directions.
  3. 2. while noodles are cooking, mix all ingredients in a small bowl
  1. **this recipe can be stored in the fridge for 3-5 days after making. It's fantastic left over, but the becomes more dry when chilled. If having leftovers, make some extra sauce to drizzle over when serving.
kalein it

spicy sesame noodles kaleinit

there you have it, a mini recipe ready in less than thirty minutes. so you can whip it up and still make it to the couch by the time bachelorette starts…. 

have a wonderful monday, and a great week! 

vegan sesame noodles kaleinit


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  1. July 22, 2016 / 3:01 am

    I love celebrating Meatless Mondays since I am transitioning to a plant based diet! This is an amazing recipe–I’d love to use brown rice noodles, buckwheat noodles or even zucchini noodles! Tahini tastes wonderful with anything!

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