5 step recipe for a perfect sunday.

I consider Sunday to be the least judgmental day of the week. just think about it…

last Sunday did you  A). stay in your pajamas all day reading and cuddling with a pet? – great!

B). be productive and reorganize your closet, prep a week of meals, and scrub your tub? – fine! (and feel free to do the same at my place…)

or did you C). spend the day out and about? maybe you explored a farmer’s market, met a date for brunch, shopped till you dropped, went to spin class…. Good for you!

self care sunday kaleinit

see what I mean? anything goes on Sunday. we have all indulged in the lazy Sunday mornings that roll into afternoons as well as social butterfly driven weekends. it’s all about… wait I want to say the overused “B” word, ugh! it’s BALANCE.

kaleinit sunday franklin and whitman

head to instagram to win!

I like the idea of having a bit of everything. so I’m here to fill you in on a 5 step “recipe” for a perfect Sunday. it combines my love of recipe development with my obsession with self care. think of it like a buddha bowl full of all the best ingredients.  

I’m also going to introduce you to my a line of cruelty free beauty products, Franklin and Whitman. They were the ingredient for my “step 5” this week. Franklin & Whitman is a Philly based brand (WOO HOO!) so I was excited to try them out and support a local biz. they donate 5 percent of proceeds to the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society. PAWS is the largest no kill shelter in Philadelphia. read more about F&W’s social mission here.  products that support sweet pups deserving of love? I’m sold. like this cutie I found on their site! 

franklin and whit doggie

netflix and chill this sunday??

in addition to a good cause, their skincare and haircare lines offer products for both men and women, feature cool packaging, great product names, and an unwavering commitment to using only clean, plant based ingredients.

let’s start mixing up a great Sunday, shall we?

// 5 ingredients for a perfect Sunday //

step 1. preheat with something active.

Maybe do this step first thing in the AM, before you realize it’s a day of rest. Bonus: you can quickly sweat out any festivities your body may still be feelin’ from Saturday night. I go to yoga, a long walk, hit up zumba with my friends (it’s a sight) or push myself to just complete a damn 20-minute HITT workout. Have to move your body! This way if you stay late at work, traffic sucks, or dinner ends up being an ordeal and you skip a day of working out, you know you took the time for yourself over the weekend.

step 2. stir in something nourishing.

if you ate well all week and kind of “cheated” (I HATE that word with food) on Saturday, all the more reason to reset/recharge on Sunday. try to fit in at least one meal full of raw, unprocessed foods, nutrient dense ingredients and plant based proteins. don’t feel like cooking? no judgment, but don’t tell me you’re too lazy to blend a kale smoothie! or enjoy these vegan fudge pops made with dark chocolate, almond milk, cacao, almond butter and banana…..

vegan almond fudge pops

healthy vegan fudge pops = sunday treat.

step 3. mix in something social.

this could be done going out, or staying in. examples include meeting friends for a meal, hitting the gym with our man, or attending a family gathering. all fantastic options, but if you’re refusing to run a comb through your hair this Sunday, a call to a distant college girlfriend from the couch totally counts.

step 4. add a dash of creativity.

creativity quote

expressing my creativity makes me feel alive. I can’t think of a less cliché way to describe it. it’s incredibly exciting to get in the flow of creative work. whether it be photography, writing/blogging, cooking, or simply singing my heart out in the car I make it a priority to add this step each Sunday. Everyday, really. If you like to paint- do that! If you play an instrument, pick it up! You don’t know how much quiet time you’ll have when the workweek arrives.

step 5. sprinkle in some self care.

franklin and whitman face mask kaleinit sunday

it’s a MUST. think of self-care as the garnishes of your Sunday “dish” that take it to the next level. please note: eating well, socializing and being active are forms of self-care too! but, I’m talking about the truly indulgent self-care routines. like colorful manicures and pedicures, bubble baths, NAPS, reading gossip magazines, eating dark chocolate, buying fresh flowers, sipping a glass of wine (or two) while watching keeping up with the kardashians. you know, the gooooood stuff.

this week, my step five included a face mask from Franklin & Whitman in the AM. complete with a mug full of my favorite coffee and a bullet journal session. as well as a couple candles burning and trevor hall crooning through the apartment, duh.

this Queen Village face mask contains main ingredients like moisturizing colloidal oatmeal, activated charcoal, and soothing aloe vera. it left my skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. simply mix a teaspoon with a bit of water until a thin paste is formed. I love it. also love the name, “Queen Village”. F&W names their products after neighborhoods in Philadelphia. 

franklin and whit face mask kaleinit

self care in seconds. face mask from Franklin & Whitman.

other favorites? I’m loving their spring garden hair serum. I’m the worst at keeping up with routine trims for healthy locks, and this serum smalls fantastic. I rub a few drops on my palm and run through my ends.

face serum franklin and whitman kaleinit

I’m also really into the Midtown Village sugar scrub. again, beautiful scent that isn’t overly feminine or floral-y. I dry brush a lot, so I don’t use a scrub to exfoliate more than once a week.

ahhh a yummy and simple recipe, right? a little of this and a little of that can equal something balanced and deliciously fulfilling. you deserve that kind of Sunday!

are you ready to try the vegan approved, good-cause-supporting, all natural beauty products discussed above? enter the giveaway I’m hosting with F & W on Instagram! head to my feed and follow all instructions to win your own products from Franklin & Whit. then visit their insta to show some love, too!

or get shopping right away! I’ve got a sweet deal for you ladies (and guys!)…

use the code “KALEINIT” for 30% off of your order at Franklin & Whit.

enjoy your judgment free Sunday! comment below if you have any other “recipes” you find helpful on the best day of the week.


** although this blog review was sponsored by Franklin & Whitman, all opinions are my own. I wouldn’t tell you to put it on your face if I wasn’t myself. and, I LOVE products that support a cruelty free lifestyle like those shown in this post. ** 



  1. July 22, 2016 / 3:02 am

    Sundays are my days for treating myself or hanging out with friends! I love incorporating at least one of these steps into every Sunday!

    • July 22, 2016 / 2:29 pm

      aren’t sunday’s great?!? and yes, I agree this is the ideal to fit everything in, but if you can hit just one or two- still a fantastic day of taking care of yourself!

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