new faves // summer foodie gift guide

next week it will be August?!? hold up.

I refuse to believe summer is on its way out.

so, in celebration of my season change boycott, here is a quick list of my favorite gifts for a foodie: summer edition. these awesome gifts are made by Zoku– a company that makes colorful, fun and novelty kitchen items that are sure to please any foodie and their family. 

I’ve started regularly using a few of their products, all of which fit into the theme of summertime.

they beat the heat, come in vibrant and cheerful colors, and the designs are innovative and modern. that’s actually my favorite part of Zoku, the designs don’t look like any other kitchen tools or accessories I’ve ever found. 

popsicle mold.

by far my favorite (and most used!) Zoku product, their classic popsicle molds freeze quickly and are made with BPA and phthalate free materials. 

zoku pops promo


super simple to use and clean, I have been putting this mold to good use this summer. check out my recent raspberry lemon frozen pop made with it here. 

raspberry popsicle with natural vitality kaleinit

ice cream maker (or dairy free nice cream).

and if popsicles aren’t your tzoku ice cream makerhing…. 

Zoku makes this awesome and affordable ice cream maker that makes single servings. think about how simple that is! there’s less waste (does ice cream go to waste?!?), less tempting ice cream hanging out in the freezer, and no problem when one family member screams for chocolate ice cream and another loves vanilla. you can make sorbet with fresh fruit and juice or a vegan ice cream with creamy coconut milk if going dairy free.

just add the ingredients, and within 10 minutes (YES!) this ice cream maker turns liquid to a perfectly solid and scrumptious summer treat. I suggest topping homemade ice cream with dairy free chocolate chips, fresh fruit, or coconut whipped cream.

iced coffee maker.

I start drinking iced coffee around… February. seriously, as early as I can. I LOVE my coffee, and I prefer the taste of iced over hot. 

however, when brewing coffee at home it becomes frustrating when you add ice cubes only to have a diluted and less flavorful cup of joe. 


Zoku designed this sleek, easy to transport, iced coffee maker. it has two parts- an insulating cup and a stainless steel core. you first freeze the core, then add hot coffee or tea, and you’ll have an ice cold beverage in minutes. thank goodness, because we are currently experiencing a horrible heat wave and nothing makes humid July mornings easier than a large cup of chilled coffee with almond milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon. 

the iced coffee maker/to-go tumbler combo STAYS cold. I love that. 

what would some foodies in your life think of the whimsical design and innovative products from Zoku??


** I was sent products for this gift guide from Zoku to review – however, all opinions are my own and I really think they are great. 


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  1. July 30, 2016 / 2:56 pm

    I HAVE to get an ice cream maker ASAP. I am seriously feeling so left out from all of these amazing ice cream recipes that use them!

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