summer kombucha mocktail // with LIVE

do any healthy foodies out there have a family member (or multiple) that can’t kick the soda habit? I’m nodding “YES”, and I can’t hep but think back to before I changed my lifestyle, when I too was drinking soda!

no good.

when we know how unhealthy some habits are, it hurts us to see those we love continuing to mistreat their bodies.

this is exactly why I love the story of LIVE Kombucha so much. Trevor Ross created the raw, non-gmo, organic kombucha in Austin, Texas after losing his sister to breast cancer. he wanted to see his family make healthy lifestyle changes, and really wanted his dad to quit soda. you can read more about the story here.

kaleinit mocktail kombucha live

what makes LIVE kombucha unique is the fun flavors made to mimic the taste of favorite sodas. Pure Doctor, Culture Cola, and Revive Root Beer may sound odd for a kombucha flavor, but don’t knock them ’till you try! I was a bit apprehensive and now Pure Doctor is probably my favorite flavor! they even come in glass soda bottles with twist off caps which I loved.

but it’s all about the probiotics inside the bottle, right? immunity boosting and full of active cultures to promote healthy digestion and vitality, I love the effekaleinit mocktail kombucha liveeffervescent taste of kombucha and I try to encourage everyone in my life to drink them. read this post about how I try to have kombucha everyday, along with other healthy drinks.

I suggest kombucha to everyone. boyfriend, parents, friends, dog…. I tell them “try a sip of booch!”

like Trevor’s father, my dad took his first sip of kombucha and told me, “that’s actually good!” and I loved that he had no idea how great it was for his health. LIVE has no shortage of probiotics, with 3.5 billion lactobacillus and sweetened with natural stevia making it lower in sugar than other brands I’ve tried. and of course far better than soda!

I recently enjoyed a LIVE “soda” and raw banana whip “nice cream” for breakfast….

kaleinit live kombucha

kombucha mocktail.

another way to drink more kombucha? disguise it in your favorite mocktail. I made this one in a matter of minutes.

kaleinit mocktail kombucha live

I try to stay away from alcohol but I love sipping on a “fancy’ beverage, especially when in a social setting where others are drinking. it’s still fun to celebrate, so I came up with a healthy, summer inspired mocktail using LIVE. serve it at any summer get together, and experiment adding fresh fruit to other live flavors to enhance this healthy elixer. for this blueberry cucumber basil spritzer, I used blueberry kombucha. I bet lime and ginger flavors would work well too…

kaleinit mocktail kombucha live

to make:

simply add cucumber slices 3-4,  1/4 cup of frozen (or fresh!) blueberries and 2 fresh basil leaves to the bottom of a glass. muddle the ingredients to bring out the flavors.

add ice and pour Blueberry LIVE Kombucha over top.

garnish with additional basil and blueberries.


so if you have an opportunity to bring up booch (and other healthy topics) to family members or friends who aren’t on board yet, introduce them to this drink and fill them in on probiotic benefits. provide them with the knowledge of where to find fantastic health products, and how to incorporate them into their daily life.

our health is something that we must always cherish and remain grateful for. and most importantly, respect through healthy choices!

I am grateful to have partnered with LIVE, because they are a brand that agrees! besides if everyone swapped soda for kombucha can you imagine what a beautiful world it would be?!?

kaleinit mocktail kombucha live


now time for the best news… you can try LIVE too! head to my instagram to enter the giveaway running. FIVE lucky winners will receive coupons for 15 bottle of free LIVE kombucha. that’s enough to try every delicious flavor and share with a family member or friend!


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