ways to take care of yourself on sundaze.

i loveeee me some self care.

we all need to indulge in it. it allows us to recharge for the week and shake off any stress. and if you’re a creative trying to balance “real life” work and creative outlets/passions (in my case, the blog) then you DESERVE it.

moms do. students do. dogs do. we all need self care.

shit, grab your dog and cuddle – that’s one of my favorite ways to de-stress.

I found that when I began setting time aside for myself, my moods remained more level, my creativity was higher, my productivity during the week more sustained and I felt generally better about myself. sounds like there’s nothing negative with self care.

so to honor the day of rest, I’m sharing a couple ways I’m taking care of myself today and tips on how to incorporate more self care into your routine. but first, some “myths” about self care…self care

self care myths.

contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t need to be expensive. sleep in, walk in nature, paint your nails, dance in your living room, make tea, journal, take a bath, call your best friend, watch a movie you love, the list goes on. yes, it can be that simple.

you don’t have to be alone. sometimes, when people think of self care they assume self reflection, meditation or general down time to get away from the hustle and bustle of life.  while these are fantastic and true, I’ve found that one way to care for myself if to surround myself with those I love.

last sunday I was at the beyonce concert with two girlfriends, singing my heart out, shaking all this jelly, and among many other peopl in a packed NFL stadium.

not exactly, chill. but it fed my soul. I left feeling confident, energized and had made memories with two women I love. three ladies, if you count queen bey.

what I’m doing today: a few self care suggestions…



current reads: the skinny confidential sent me her book, and I’m so grateful. you guys know how much I adore Lauryn, I’m catching up on all her tips and laughing because I find her  so damn funny- order here. 

i love hearing how others stay healthy and fit. i’m fascinated by other women’s routines, favorite foods, etc. even if it’s not my thing, it’s interesting to see a topic i love so dearly through the eyes of another.

speaking of, I’m reading Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson. she’s gorgeous, she’s healthy, she discusses feeling good in your skin, loving yourself and more.

I’m enjoying her tips on mindfulness, meditation and ayurveda.

and third, I’m still savoring Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert. you know those books that you purposely drag out for a while? this is one. it’s all about combating fear to live your most fulfilling and creative life. I suggest it to ANYONE.

journal self care.jpeg


i like cute journals and patterned pencils. i type and type all day long, so there is nothing better than a pencil to paper.  get out your thoughts (or to do lists) before the week begins.

lately, I’ve been into bullet journaling. any opinions on it? maybe I’ll write a post on it soon.

this journal is great because it reminds me of camping adventures. without the actual camping….

 sipping tea.

it’s the epitome of self care. i prefer sipping Yogi tea detox tea. it’s semi spicy in flavor. roasted dandelion root is fantastic for cleansing.

i also think tea should be sipped while curled up on a soft surface, preferably with fuzzy socks. yeah, even in mid june.

lately I’ve been into these essential oil towelettes by  sage tonic. these are lavender scented. I rub them on my temples and it’s refreshing and calming.

cup of tea self care .jpeg

 get a self care package.

a new monthly subsc
ription box is available through caring crate. the founder, Janelle, felt that a monthly reminder of self care and mindfulness would help those experiencing mental health issues, chronic illness, etc.

with the intention to raise awareness around mental health, this subscription box is curated to spark joy, promote inner peace, and provide helpful reminders to slow down and show yourself compassion.

i loved the lavender scented body balm, the garden in a bag (how cute!), and the mandala cards for coloring.

so sweet! if you want to subscribe, visit caring crate!self care caring crate.jpeg


make a sweet smoothie! 

last but not least, I’m sipping this peaches and cream smoothie.

I made it by blending:

1/2 cup of lite coconut milk (from can)

1/2 frozen banana

2 sliced peaches

i added a dollop of whipped coconut cream and voila. a summer inspired milkshake smoothie.


there you have it, a few ways to unwind and care for yourself. caring for yourself is a form of self love. find my thoughts on self love in this series I did last fall.

you deserve to have fun, relax, and feel your best. have a wonderful week! xo



I’m veering a bit off course with this blog post because I’ve been dying to write about college, education, work ethic, and the age old question of “what’s my calling?”, since seeing posts about the education system from ladies I admire and adore, Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential, and Christina Rice, of Addicted to Lovely.

I’ll link their blog posts later don’t worry, because you must read. For now stick with me as I share my story and my thoughts on higher education since removed from the university setting.

So, did you go to college?

If yes, Did you bust your ass for four years juggling classes, roommate dynamics, and a side gig to make enough money to hit the bar on Friday night? All while knowing the looming debt that would greet you along with a shiny diploma? Hmm…

Maybe you were fortunate enough to not have debt, in which case HOLLA! But wait, it’s still insanely competitive out there in the work world, and not having a monthly loan payment doesn’t mean you’re on easy street. At all. So this post won’t be about loans (a WHOLE other discussion) so much as about “making it”, the work that goes into that, and balancing happiness and passion in the process. 

If you’re in college currently, here’s my next question…

Are you dead set on what you want to do? Are you dreaming of becoming a doctor, lawyer, teacher, nurse, or similar?? Awesome, you have a plan that requires a degree, stay in school!

Brings me to my third question. If you’re not on the clear path to career, are you feeling totally unsure, extremely pressured to figure it out ASAP, and uninspired by the classes you drag yourself to each morning? It doesn’t make you a loser to answer these with a resounding, YES.

Been there. I’ve been in my college apartment, two months from graduation, panicking. If you’re feeling this way, let’s access your options and remember…

 You have to do what is best for you.

The ONLY degree I wish I had over what I graduated with, is a marketing degree. Or graphic design, or creative writing… something that contributes to my goals today. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize this until after I was released out into the “real world” and discovered then what I wanted to do. I know I’m not alone. Personally, I don’t believe that the college setting of dorms and dining halls (and hot dudes and parties) is really conducive to finding your true calling…feel me?

But if you’re a new grad with a degree that isn’t resonating with you, I’m here to tell you that you’re not totally fucked. Yup, you’re not stuck. But it requires some mindset shifts, a ton of work, and a belief that you CAN (and will) get where you want to be. 

mindset shifts for creative entrepreneurs

Here’s the dilemma I faced particularly in my last two years of college…

When I would think about my future, I knew only one thing. I wanted to be my own boss. I have always been fascinated with small business. I remember BEGGING my uncle to let me work in his bakery growing up. I’d pull up a milk crate just to reach the register and was handing customers their two dollars change for their morning bagel at the age of… I’m not kidding, like 7.

I wanted to be in the action.

I wanted to be in a work environment. I thought it was really fun and much more exciting to be DOING something rather than sitting there forced to listen about other people doing, the doing

School’s just never been my thing. In college, I used to have long winded conversations about my career with my parents (and friends) who didn’t quite get where I was going with my sociology degree (and honestly I didn’t either) and the whole time I’d reply with a frustrated “I don’t know, I don’t know, I just want my own business someday.” Oh, casual.

I would express to them that I longed to have the freedom to do what I liked to do, everyday. Period. I’d explain that I didn’t care if it brought a ton of money, although enough for green juice would suffice, and that I really wanted to combine a bunch of different areas that interested me for one complete career.

They said “Well yeah, don’t we all, but it’s not that easy.”

Looking back I think I went through the motions of college always knowing I’d make something happen, after. I was already in too deep, committed to my path to a Bachelors and thought I’d get to the dreams soon or later.

That my friends, was the mistake I kick myself for. The waiting to make a move. More on that soon.

Do you have a ton of interests??

Safe to assume I’m the only one who loves a lot of different activities, enjoys learning about a variety of topics and can’t pick ONE passion.

mindset shifts for creative entrepreneurs



I love marketing and branding. I love being creative. Clearly I love health, wellness, mindful living, and REALLY love healthy food. I wanted to help others, write, and incorporate things that looked … kinda pretty. Who doesn’t like when things are visually appealing?! I also enjoyed event planning (ironic if you know what I’m working on right now). I wanted to weave all of these things into the one life. That’s A LOT to combine.

What I wish I had done instead of trying to “adult” in college…

I’m just gonna say this…

I wish I started a blog before spending four years at school. There, I said it!

Sure, my 18-year-old self would have probably lacked the discipline required to blog and I would have made a lot of mistakes but shit, I’d be in a much different place today.

I wish I had started when I first got the urge to, in 2013 when I was 21. I even paid for a full year of web hosting and just deserted the project all together. I had a name, (RIP Confetti and Kate) and even drafted my first post. Clearly, there was some calling to do this…

The blogging world is SATURATED with talent today, and to have started earlier would have given me, I believe a leg up.

Then again, my niche was different at the time. I planned on starting a blog about the humor of intern life in the world of event planning, as I was working for a wedding planner in Scottsdale and it was quite the experience. I wanted to tie that experience into celebrating the small things to pull happiness and mental health in and give it more personality and depth.

Now, hindsight is 20/20 of course, and in an ideal world I would have gone to classes regarding marketing and computers, started learning about photography WAY earlier, and most importantly stepped foot in a kitchen sooner.

For any of you reading this who knew me in college, you’re probably laughing. You know I didn’t work that hard, didn’t go to class much (large lectures at a HUGE university make this easy) and although I loved being in Arizona, I wasn’t loving college.

I can say with confidence that I’ve worked harder in the past year and a half on this blog/my recent projects with GOOD, than I’ve ever worked in many years of traditional schooling. Wow, crazy and slightly embarrassing to admit, but it’s the truth.

Wanna know what will make you “study” something?

The passion to make that “something” happen. You think learning about accounting for your blog, registering a business, and learning some basic programming things when you’ve NEVER seen code before, are fun? More like intimidating and tedious. How about answering big questions like “Who is my audience” & “What is my voice?”or the always fun, “Is this brand willing to sponsor me, an authentic on brand, fit?” It’s work, it requires thought, it takes energy and it’s all on you. And it’s not just bloggers who face these thoughts and pressures, it’s anyone who wants to market themselves as a creative entrepreneur.

But as I continue to evolve and learn all about what it takes, I continue to LOVE it. Like obsess over it. I don’t need days off from it. It’s truly my favorite thing to do. Which brings me to….

The weird shit you’ll do for the thing you truly WANT.

So often I hear “OMG, I wish I had done (Insert totally attainable goal through hard work.)”

Ok, Why didn’t you???


Here’s how it went for me. I learned very quickly that you will do weird stuff to get where you want to be.

Like, I’ve spent hours and hours trouble shooting things with my blog when I first started. It was boring, tedious, and frustrating, but I could sit my butt down and read articles, browse forums, and figure it out when it come to Kalein it. This was a discipline I lacked when studying for an exam in college.

When I started my blog I had a full time job at an advertising agency, and it was purely a hobby.

I was going through a lot at the time, and needed to reevaluate. I thought about applying to more full time positions, but felt overall discouraged. I wasn’t happy where I was, and I didn’t feel confident I’d feel happier in another similar job. I went to college, did the internship thing, got offered a position, and I still wasn’t feelin’ it?? Wasn’t that what college was for???

I noticed when I was working on my blog, and taking pictures of my food (as silly as I looked in my apartment with white poster boards and off limit “props” for photos), I felt happy. I was having fun, meeting people through the process and expressing myself creatively.

step back to step forward. 

I decided to take a job as a nanny. Um, huge step back from having a salaried job and a degree. Here’s what I have to say about that decision….

I don’t regret taking a job watching kids at. all. It allowed me to have the mental capacity to CONSTANTLY be working on my brand. When the child naps, when emptying the dishwasher, or driving to soccer practice you can do a LOT of thinking, plotting, drafting, etc. You also don’t waste all of your creative energies and efforts on a project with a deadline to your manager or supervisor.

mindset of creative entrepreneur

If you’re a young entrepreneur, blogger, or creative that needs some extra cash as you get going…No shame in that! Um, that’s very normal. Consider working at a job that brings in some dough, but doesn’t rob you of your talent and energy. Yes, a job. Not another career, you’re building your career. This way when you sit down to work on your project after hours of hustlin’, your best work is still available.

Not to sound cheesy but, utilize your talent on YOUR dream. Don’t waste it on someone else’s.

screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-11-43-40-pmFast forward a few months, I was feeling better about myself, and my brand. I had worked with a couple brands, wrote for some publications, and got in my groove. Started “Kalein it”. Ok, sorry had to.

Then I thought, maybe I can start planning to make a move. A big move, and make this my full time life.

And so I did. I plotted, dreamt and day dreamed and confided in my closest friends, boyfriend, and mom. They thought it was cool, that is would be possible, just didn’t know when.

Fast-forward another month or two and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Then, I realized I needed a little start-up capital. You know, moola.

My dad, god bless him, said he would entertain the idea but I needed to sell him on it. Now, I’m not talking a TON of money, just a bit for my cooking class and to make some changes to my site, get my business name registered, the basics. The plant based cooking class I’m now enrolled in felt like an investment for my future and a way to gain credibility in the food space. You know, the credibility and knowledge COLLEGE is meant to provide, too.

We set a date to have a meeting. Yes, my own father called a business meeting for us and I had a week to prep for it.

All week I outlined, wrote, edited, re-wrote, and organized a business plan of no joke ten pages. I know business plans can be far longer than a mere 10 pages, but for a girl who’s never written one, let alone sat in a business class, and was presenting it in her father’s living room? I thought that was legit…

In the document I phased out the plan. Broke it up into 6 months, a year, 3 years, and so on, to show him the trajectory of my plan and explained the end goal of each short term and long term task. He took notes, I swear to god, and at the end applauded my organization. He then agreed to my ask. I did it!

Why did he (modestly!) invest in me and my dream? Because I took it so, so, seriously. Not only did I show up with the confidence I could get it done, I presented  a detailed plan of attack, armed with a solid proposal and a LOT of evidence that a blog can in fact become a profitable brand and business. I also remember thinking to myself as I typed away on the plan “Wow, I never took a ten page college paper this seriously.” HA.

I’m not a student, I just hustle a lot…

mindset of creative entrepreneur

Today I realize the reason a business plan which outlined the upcoming years of my life was easier than a college paper is because I’m not a student by nature. I’m a hustla’. I like to work on the things that bring me joy, in this case, my brand. I’ve been working since I was 14, well 8 if you count my Uncle’s bakery, and shout out to the ice cream shop where I first earned a paycheck. As well as the many, many random jobs since.

Huge thank you to the event planning internship in college. It actually helped tremendously because I saw how managing a website, brand, and small business worked on top of all the hands on experience at the events. And thanks to the many restaurant jobs that allowed me to be around food because I’ve always been obsessed with it. Oh, and thanks for not only the paychecks but the reality checks, too.

Want to know something funny?

In that 10 page document I wrote that I wanted to…

eventually have an online membership site that offered recipes and support to women”.

I’m NOT shitting you, I wrote that. Um, The GOOD Society came to me out of a conversation over coffee with my friend, Jess a couple months later.


Now, I didn’t write “start a wellness festival in Philly” verbatim, but I knew eventually I wanted to work on an event because I love the energy of them, the creativity and branding behind them, and the fact that they connect like-minded people.

Now, on April 22nd I’m c0-hosting The GOOD Festival, which will hopefully grow and grow in the years to come.

That’s manifesting, at its finest people.

Here are the things I want YOU to remember (and act on).

College may not be for you. College may totally be for you. I know in my heart it wasn’t for me, but feel grateful everyday for my degree, nonetheless. I experienced a hell of a lot of personal growth during those 4 years and wouldn’t trade them. 

But here’s my advice for anyone who wants to take their creative project, be it blog, photography, web design, music, or art to the next level. I suggest thinking about it differently, challenge yourself to get on a schedule with it, and do some things you’ve never done.

I’m going to END this extremely lengthy post with these closing points, and I hope you mull them over as you are navigating college or post grad life…

If you treat your hobby like a hobby, it will remain a hobby.

Speaking of hobbies and hard work.. if you’re not willing to pull late nights working on it, write 10 page documents about it, or commit to a schedule with it- might not be meant to be your career. Just sayin’

If you commit some time to your passion project, every. single. day, it can become something more. You must feed it.

If you don’t ask- it won’t happen.

I believe strongly in this one. ASK. What’s the worst?? Seriously. It can land your writing or work in front of people who are influential- the kind of people you want to associate your work with. these asks can lead to opportunities that provide you a platform and get you seen.

If you treat your passion like a business, it can become a business.

If you need to work for extra cash while you hustle, consider doing so in a position that doesn’t utilize all your talent, therefore saving some for yourself.

Success won’t fall into your lap (obviously! Come on, what a “millenial” belief), but I know if you do these things, it’s instantly more probable.

Call it hustle, call it luck, call it the universe, call it WHATEVER.

Just do yourself the favor, believe it, and do it.

Thanks for reading along and PLEASE share thoughts in comments below. I’m so curious how you feel about your college experience, and what you believe YOUR true calling is!

Read Lauryn’s (and her fiancé Micheal’s) thoughts on college here.

To read about Christina’s resentment for the education system head here. Both were awesome reads.


breaking vegan book review kaleinit

so, before we dive into this post let me start by saying….

  1. It’s NOT an anti-vegan blog post (for those of you who follow and read along for the plant based recipes). It’s PRO eating disorder awareness and recovery. 
  2. It is about dangerous eating disorders and finding the willingness to recover and live in a way that is best for YOU, and YOUR BODY.
  3. It’s also about a book I enjoyed by the always inspiring blogger, Jordan Younger. 

Ever since I found Jordan’s blog, The Balanced Blonde, I’ve been interested in reading her book, Breaking Vegan. I’m a huge fan of her writing style, and when I found out her background and original plan for her career as a writer, it made complete sense!  I was familiar with her start as The Blonde Vegan and how over time she made the difficult decision to change her eating habits by listen to the needs of her body and overcome her eating disorder.

Not gonna lie, if you check out reviews of her book there is a LOT of controversy around the title, and her choice to “break” the vegan lifestyle.

But where would we be if we only discussed the easy-breezy stuff? If we only read the chick lit, the fiction, the stuff that doesn’t cause any reaction or uproar. BORING. And it’s also dangerous. Why? when it comes to eating disorders, discussion and awareness will only provide women currently struggling some strength, support, and some damn hope.jordan-6

what’s to love about breaking vegan. 

Breaking Vegan provides a detailed glimpse into Jordan’s life as she struggled with chronic digestion and stomach issues and her choice to turn to a vegan diet in hopes of relief. Her diet eventually evolved to be only raw vegan, gluten free and became an extremely regimented diet of primarily juice and smoothies. 

Unknowingly, her food anxieties around having only pure food and the very best ingredients were developing into an obsession, and finally an eating disorder classified (and still relatively “new” in the ED world), Orthorexia.  Defined as an obsession with righteous eating, the quest to only eat the healthiest food possible can consume someone struggling, and eventually lead them to have not enough variety in their diet, become unhealthy, and feel less than energized, happy or whole.

But as Jordan’s eating disorder continued, as did the growth of her web presence. The internet knew her for her vegan diet – and as her blog readership and social media following grew more loyal, her need to put on the facade that she felt healthy, whole, and strong (and relieved of her difficult digestion) became necessary in return. 

Jordan was posting meals that she wasn’t even allowing herself to eat, only going to show that curated pictures and styled feeds aren’t always what they seem. 

Sometimes juice cleansing for up to 30 days (omg!), Jordan writes about her lack of “fuel” as she physically felt drained and was becoming unhealthy. She was experiencing this while working tirelessly to keep up with blogging, AND simultaneously working toward a masters in creative writing in NYC. 

breaking vegan book review kaleinit

live label-less for yourself…inspire others.

I loved that Jordan didn’t shy from details and getting into the meat (yeah, pun intended) of her eating disorder journey. She explains the inner struggle, the obsession with control, the anxieties around food, struggles balancing a social life, and even how dating gets weird when you can’t enjoy a meal with another. She allowed herself to be vulnerable, real and raw. EXACTLY what the eating disorder community needs. that authenticity is what resonates with those who are suffering and allows them to feel less alone in what they are experiencing internally and what they see in the mirror. 

On top of the struggle with food, Jordan was struggling because she LOVED blogging, was simultaneously working on a novel, and felt out of place in classes that were far from focused on blogging, branding, and engaging an audience online and through social media. 

breaking vegan book review kaleinit

because I’ve shared candidly my experience with an eating disorder with my readers, and my hatred for labels and stigmas – I REALLY appreciated the honesty from Jordan. It’s not easy to admit you have a “problem” or something that requires treatment or change.

Jordan detailed her first time breaking vegan in her diet and it was so descriptive and real I felt I was sharing the secretive and monumental moment in her kitchen with her. She’s most definitely a talent writer and natural storyteller.

Jordan brought a sense of ease to a serious subject, even providing moments of humor. I find that it’s extremely important to leave some room for humor when looking back at a difficult time in your life.

but because of her strong brand built on the vegan lifestyle….

…. people weren’t too fond when Jordan announced she was going “un-vegan” for her health.

what’s with all the vegan shaming?

after reading the book, I was proud of Jordan. proud of her ability to say “listen, I’m making a change for my health, well being and happiness. 

not everyone was proud though. without getting too deep into the shaming, ridicule and even death threats (i’m not freakin’ kidding) that Jordan faced after her book released, I want this post to highlight the fantastic conversation that sparked because of her bravery to be so upfront and honest. 

because vegan food itself isn’t what causes eating disorders to be painful or dangerous…

it’s far more deeply rooted.

Breaking Vegan touches on one individuals decision to no longer follow a vegan diet. more importantly the book highlights the themes of perfectionism, self control, societal standards, and all of the true issues that intensify disordered eating habits into a full blown illness. 

Whether vegan or meat eater, in recovery for an eating disorder, or not familiar personally with the struggle, Breaking Vegan shows an authentic side of a blogger who’s message transcends far beyond great flat lay photos at brunch and the cute boomerang at soul cycle.

I applaud Jordan for continuing to produce beautiful and inspiring content for her blog with a positive energy and dedication to living a balanced life. I also thank her for being so transparent about the depths of her disordered eating, as it hits quite close to home to myself and I know many others. 

Jordan continues to blog in LA, share her experience in recovery with readers, provide her audience tasty recipes (with a variety of healthy ingredients) and is a yoga teacher! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to review her book and most importantly, continue the conversation about living a balanced life. 


find Jordan at and @thebalancedblonde


The podcasts I listen to don’t take themselves TOO seriously. The women (+ Micheal) who host the podcasts may tackle serious topics on occasion, but above all they keep it real, relatable and entertaining.

That’s why I’m hooked on podcasts.

reasons to listen to podcasts kaleinit

Podcasts get me away from the TV and computer screen. They don’t feel the same as a flood of Pinterest articles that constantly remind me of all the things I could still be doing to improve my blog. Sidenote, does anyone ever get overwhelmed by all those??

I now get as excited to listen to the latest episode of my 5 favorite podcasts (listed below) as I used to get about my shows that I would record on the DVR. But the awesome part about podcasts is that I don’t need my eyes on a screen or my ass on a couch while enjoying them. 

4 reasons you NEED to be listening to podcasts…

it’s entertaining.

I’ve noticed podcasts make me actually laugh out loud. TV shows don’t. Like when did you last chuckle at a sitcom? And reality television is tough to laugh with when you know NOTHING is real. Although laughing AT reality TV cast members, like on the bachelor… that’s very different. But that gets old too. Because it’s not bettering you in anyway.

Listening to the banter between two people on a podcast while they share personal stories, opinions and their knowledge in a conversational way, feels more authentic.

when it comes to content, people like it authentic. Keep it spicy, throw an F bomb in there, say what you really think (and what you really mean), chances are I’ll keep listening to your podcast.

this entertaining style of podcasting make it feel like you are THERE, with them, around the table just shootin’ the shit.

why you need to listen to podcasts kaleinit

it’s informative.

I learn so much when I’m listening to podcasts. I listen to them for the knowledge. the person featured or speaking certainly doesn’t need to have a phd. every single person in this life has knowledge to share that could be of incredible value to another individual. everyone has a story. it’s not cliche because it’s true!

podcasts put you in a room with a person you thought you’d NEVER get the chance to.

it literally allows that question of “if you could go to dinner with anyone who would it be??” to become attainable.

i’ve had the ability to “go to dinner” with cook book authors, bloggers I adore, entrepreneurs I admire and yoga teachers who have amazing stories. how much fun is that??

I crave the knowledge I gain from hearing podcast interviews and I do feel that podcasts have helped me tremendously as a blogger. 

it’s productive. 

like I said, you can do ANYTHING and listen to a podcast simultaneously. it’s the best hobby. my absolute favorite activity to do while podcast binging is to walk my pup, Ralph. he loves when I start up a new episode cause he knows he’s getting his steps in for about 45 minutes. wait, how crazy would I be if I stuck a fit bit on his collar??

I also like to fold laundry while listening, or do dishes (aka clean up after the aftermath of a day of recipes/food photos).

find your most mundane activity and make it your podcast time. 

because you deserve to do things that better you, teach you, make you laugh, or provide you another point of view.

who are we/ what are we if we aren’t constantly learning and evolving? seriously, though. we are intricate and unique. surround yourself (or listen to the thoughts of ) other unique, successful and interesting people out there. there is an incredible wealth of knowledge in this world, and with the beautiful world of social media, smart phones and wifi – why the hell wouldn’t you? you work out to exercise the body, you eat right to keep your body feeling whole, feed and exercise that brain. 

the four favorites.

The Skinny Confidential Him and Her Podcast 

I can’t with these two. in a good way I can’t. I haven’t missed an episode yet, I sing along to the intro, and I have to thank Michael and Lauryn for being the FIRST podcast I loyally tuned into. you guys know the obsession with Lauryn’s brand and blog, read a review or her body guide here.
The Him and Her podcast is hilarious, it’s different every single week, it’s helpful as a blogger and business woman, and it’s above all REAL. each episode provides valuable content to the listener and I appreciate their commitment to the podcast since it’s as well done as every other facet of The Skinny Confidential brand.

subscribe to Him and Her Podcast here. – NOW.

One Part Plant with Jessica Murnane

Jessica inspires me in so many ways. for one, she believes in food as medicine. YASS. She also puts together a podcast (6o episodes!) that teaches me something. And I keep returning for that reason.

Originally I fell in love with the podcast because of the many bloggers, recipe developers and cookbook authors she interviewed.

Jessica is also in the process of  publishing a cook book herself titled One Part Plant Cookbook, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the plant based and gluten free recipes when it’s released.

Recently she’s pivoted her episodes to include a little less cookbook talk, and plenty more REAL-ness. Think a clairvoyant, a doctor who says prescription drugs for depression are bullshit, an expert in Chinese medicine, and more. Jessica provides interesting, out of the box content that you have to check out. 

Look for the episodes here! 

this insane recipe found on Jessica's blog!

Actually Adultish with Christina Rice, Kailyn Glass, and Janina Lamoglia

These three ladies are students at UCLA and they make me LAUGH. They love bad TV, and shamelessly recap the episodes of Bachelor. Expect episodes about backstabbing bitches, tinder, and really cool insight on college life. They are themselves, and the authenticity (and their adorable friendship) shines through my ear buds. 


subscribe to Actually Adultish here.

or, check out my recent Q+A with Actually Adultish’s Christina Rice on her blog Addicted to Lovely, here.

WELL/AWARE Podcast with Lindsay Mueller

Lindsay has created a beautifully unique and inspiring space with her podcast, WELL/AWARE . WELL/AWARE focuses on mindful living, conscious consumption, cultivating a positive body image, minimalism, and MORE. 

Lindsay shown here with a guess of WELL/ AWARE, Alex Sharry.

Linday hosts wicked smart, fearless and inspiring guests who are killin’ it in health and wellness. She is an NYC based content strategist.  She has a chic, savvy, and authentic tone which remains the common thread in each episode. I love it!

Check out the episodes of this podcast here.

Now, get your earbuds out and get “casting”! Find the topics that bring you joy, whether philosophy, music, business, or art. 

I promise you theres a podcast dedicated to the content you crave, with a more authentic spin than Netflix or a Google Search can provide!


veggie pizza kaleinit
fri-yay pizza party?
sign me up.
I have a pizza recipe to whip up in a matter of 30 minutes and some tips on how to fake a gourmet meal with easy improvisations.
invite friends over for some vegan veggie pizza and vino (or kombucha mocktails) tonight and take all the praise as a chef that labored over homemade pizza.
I did it with the help of some organic thin crust pizza I found at whole foods, I had a veggie pie with 30-second sauce and fresh summer basil. YUMMM.
and ladies if you’re looking to convert a meatloving boyfriend, try a pizza pie like this. not saying he won’t enjoy a kale smoothie…. I’m just thinkin’ baby steps.
now onto the topic of balance. this pizza has it. I can rest assured knowing I’m using plenty of hearty veggies, not overdoing it on the sodium, and keeping it dairy free. but if anyone tells you that life can be pizza free- run.
because we shouldn’t deprive ourselves of one of the BEST things.
I recently worked on an article for Yoga Digest Magazine where I wrote about overcoming my eating disorder through yoga and different healthy eating habits. I stated how food is sacred and a life force. it’s something to be celebrated and appreciated rather than feared.
sounds too out there? well seriously, think about it. our bodies can do amazing things. they feel joy, give hugs, run miles, but we need food to do it. so let’s make it nourishing and tasty, okay?

the steps to homemade pizza perfection….


pick your crust.

 i prefer thin crust, and because your friday evening does not need to be spent making dough from scratch, find a brand you love. I use this one from Whole Foods.
drizzle a bit of olive oil and brush it on the pizza pie. this helps achieve a golden brown color while cooking. 
sidenote: i love a crispy crust and sometimes don’t use a pizza stone but rather just throw it on the oven rack directly.

make your “homemade” sauce.

tell friends it’s a family recipe. orrrr fill them in on the secret to a sauce that is not filled with junk and loads of sodium.
truth is – this is all you need…

1 can of tomato paste (NO SALT ADDED)  – it’s important to cut out some of the sodium. also find an organic option if possible.
1/3-1/2 cup of water
1 tbsp. dried oregano
1 tsp. garlic powder
1/2 tsp. ground black pepper
1 tsp. dried basil leaves
pinch of salt
pinch of red pepper flakes
sometimes I add onion powder as well- feel free to taste test and add flavor however you feel is best.
add the water a few spoonfuls at a time and mix until you’ve reached desired thickness.

add the spices and mix well.

don’t forget your top!

 top-pings, people. my favorite part of building a pizza is choosing all the fresh veggies to sauté and sprinkle on the dough. that’s the trick, usually the pre-made crusts don’t need a ton of time in the oven, so sauté for a few minutes first. otherwise you’ll have a pizza that is falling apart from undercooked veggies.
veggie pizza kaleinit
i chose onion, green pepper, broccoli and mushrooms. I didn’t have any of my all time FAVORITE topping on pizza, which is black olive.
heat a pan with a touch of olive oil and add chopped veggies and lightly sautee until soft.
I also sliced juicy tomatoes and added those pre baking.
other options: spinach, artichoke, roasted red pepper…. you guys know what you like on your pizza.

assemble and add herbs!

first the sauce, then tomato slices, then veggies, then some basil! i just rip up fresh basil and scatter it to bake into the pizza.
veggie pizza kaleinit

cheese, hold the dairy.

I find that Daiya mozzerella shreds never do me wrong when it comes to vegan pizza.
however, I don’t always love using dairy alternatives and have made beautiful and delicious veggie pies with nothing but sauce, spices, and vegetables. then a sprinkle of nutritional yeast!
even if using dairy free (or regular) cheese, try adding the nutritional yeast flakes. they have so many health benefits and the nutty flavor will be subtle.

bake and top MORE.

bake according to instructions for crust you choose.
finish the pizza with a sprinkle of garlic powder, more fresh basil, and my obsession… crushed red pepper flakes. is it even pizza without them?
veggie pizza kaleinit
happy happy friday!

happy humpday everyone!
it’s been a crazy week for me- sunday ended up with a surprise emergency surgery (what!) and I’ve been exhausted and recovering since. thank you all for the well wishes on instagram! xo.
it was absolutely humbling and thankfully, I’m ok now! a scary reminder of how much I value my health and how grateful I am that my body spoke to me when something was going on so that I could get myself help quickly!
but moving along from surgery- how about another week of blogger babes?!
today I’m featuring Carina Wolff. I found her on instagram and fell in love with her username (@kalememaybe) because really, who doesn’t love a kale pun. I quickly fell in love with her colorful healthy food as well. she’s a passionate writer, self taught chef and now cookbook author! this California girl fills us in on her journey to healthy eating and how her blog developed into a cookbook you can now purchase!


K- How would you describe your diet? Vegetarian? Gluten free?  Something in between?

C: I don’t put labels on my diet, but the best way to describe it is mostly-plant-based, clean-eating! Although I ultimately will eat a little bit of everything here and there, I cook mostly vegetarian or vegan at home and often gluten-free as well.

K- I love your name, obviously! We know we both love our kale, but what are your other favorites greens/veggies to cook with?

C- It’s hard to beat kale! But there are so many other yummy greens I would never limit myself! Some of my favorites are arugula, spinach, collard greens, and dandelion greens. 

vegn mexican fries carina.jpeg

Vegan Mexican Fries from


K- Tell us bit about your background? When did you start to become passionate about eating healthy and developing recipes?

C I grew up in a household that emphasized health food, and I hated it! My mom would always serve me sandwiches on whole wheat bread and we never had junk food, so I would go to my friends’ houses and go crazy eating all the candy and snacks they had. At that time I didn’t understand anything about nutrition, nor did I care. It wasn’t until I was in college taking care of myself that I began to educate myself on the right foods to eat. I was really paranoid about gaining “The Freshman 15,” so I learned what foods were healthy and began cooking for myself.
I realized there was so much to learn, and I started to become passionate about creating delicious tasting dishes out of these healthy foods. I was a journalism and psychology major at the time, and I had always loved writing about mental health, but I decided I wanted to take the time to also spread knowledge about health and nutrition through my writing.

“I started the blog as more of a portfolio for my nutrition writing, but then it took a life of its own! People were actually following what I was doing, and that just made me want to write and create more.”


K- You’ve recently finished your first cookbook! Amazing! Tell us a bit about the recipes and how you made the decision to take that next step!

C- Thank you! It actually was one of those life moments that fell into place for me. After college, I began working full time at a health and beauty PR agency. Although it was a wonderful learning experience, public relations wasn’t my passion. I began freelance writing and doing my blog on the side, but I was working way too much and felt burnt out. I told myself I was going to take the plunge to freelance full time when Adams Media reached out to me looking for an author for a spiralizer cookbook. They had found my recipes online, and they wanted to know if I was interested!
I ended up leaving my 9-5, writing the cookbook, and committing to freelancing full time thereafter, and it has been the best decision I ever made in my life! I was so scared to take on the responsibility, and even more scared to leave my job, but once I did it, life just continued to get better and better. 

carina spiralizer cookbook

Carina’s new cookbook!!


I discovered spiralizing a few years ago, and I was lucky to jump on the trend before it was as huge as it is now, which helped put my recipes on the map. The book includes all sorts of recipes for any dietary restriction, whether you’re a vegan, Paleo, or even nothing!

K- Any advice for bloggers who want to branch out and take on a new project like that?Whether it be video, a book, an e-course, etc.

C- Trust yourself, and work very, very hard! I no doubt want to do another cookbook, but I know I need to take a break in between because of how much work it was! I was working day in and day out endlessly putting this book together. You can ask any of my friends – they didn’t see me for a long, long time. 

“Put in the work, believe you can do it, but ultimately, make sure you still practice self-care and do the other things you love.”


K- How would you define balance? What are some of the ways you live a balanced lifestyle?

C- Balance is everything. You need to work hard, but if you work all the time and you can’t enjoy yourself, what is the point of living? I find time to fit in my work, whether it be in the early mornings of the weekend or in the evenings before I go out, but I make sure I workout almost everyday, see the people I love, and sometimes, just relax. This also means I will occasionally get an ice cream or eat nachos, and I don’t feel guilty about it. I take care of myself over all. If I don’t workout one day, it’s not the end of the world because I live an active lifestyle. In addition to going to classes, I spend time walking outside or going to the beach. It’s all about incorporating the right habits into your routine so you allow room for fun things too. 

K- What are some of your favorite ways to stay fit?

C- I love yoga! It makes your body feel so fit and loose, and it’s a great way to relax the mind. I also have recently been really into barre classes. When I’m not doing those classes at YogaWorks, I love going on hikes, beach walks, or doing the Santa Monica Stairs. 

K- Lastly, how can we stay connected to you on social media?

Facebook: Kale Me Maybe
Instagram: @kalememaybe
Twitter: @wolffcar

 pretty amazing, right? I love that Carina trusted her gut and went after her passion. check her blog for tons of healthy recipes. I always find inspiration from her dishes!

last week I featured Meg, and today our blogger babe is another passionate blogger hoping to make change!

Valeria of Water Thru Skin is a traveler, vegan, yogi, and all around beautiful person. Her blog features her compassionate lifestyle, as she researches and reviews various eco-conscious, sustainable, and vegan friendly products.From clothing to make up, to eco resorts, she covers the compassionate lifestyle.

I love browsing her travel photos as well! She reviews various eco-resorts around the world, shedding light on sustainable tourism.

she found her niche, and she kills it! read more about her journey to becoming vegan, tips on blogging, and favorite dishes to whip up in the kitchen…


K- Your blog is gorgeous! When I found your Instagram account I thought the photos were fantastic, until I read the content and realized that was beautiful as well. I was so inspired by your compassion and authenticity. I must ask, what is the meaning behind your blog name?

V- Thank you, beautiful! It means so much!! When I thought about the name two years ago, I was looking for something that represented the movement I am trying to inspire. A movement that is as purifying and cleansing as water and has the power to penetrate through skin.

K- When did you become vegan and was there a specific moment when you decided to change your lifestyle?

V- Before becoming vegan a little over two years ago, I was vegetarian/pescatarian for 3 years.


The trigger point for me was watching Paul McCartney’s PETA video, “If slaughterhouses had glass walls 

we would all be vegetarian.”


That short video changed my life completely. I gave up all meats, eggs and dairy but in order to avoid going to extremes in such a short period I decided to stick to seafood only. That made my transition a little easier until I began reading more about the devastating consequences of including sea animals in your diet. I also scuba dive often and swimming next to beautiful Nemo to then later see him on my plate did not make much sense to me.

valeria 2.jpg

K- I was shocked to hear your background is in corporate banking. How has your life changed since following your passions and getting away from the corporate world?

V- I worked in Private Banking for 5 years but that career did not align with my passions or dreams so I started the blog two years ago as a way to vent and connect with like-minded people. I’ve been doing it full-time for one year now. It hasn’t been easy but it’s been totally worth it. Once you start working towards something that sets your soul on fire, you do not only discover new things about yourself every day but the entire universe aligns for you to follow your path.

K- Any tips for passionate bloggers like yourself?


“Be original.

There are a lot of bloggers out there today. Staying original and being yourself is key!”- Valeria


K- You live cruelty free. I love that! Can you share some of your favorite brands and beauty products for beauty that you love and are cruelty free?

V- I discover new vegan and eco-friendly brands on a daily basis but some of my favorite ones are:

Fashion: Melissa shoes, G-star raw jeans, Faircloth Supply, EcoPeace Swim, Harveys, Symbology.

Beauty: Baiser Beauty, Tarte, SpaRitual, Henne, IVO.

K- Your travels are incredible. What are some of your favorite destinations and do you have any tips on how to eat healthy in new places, fit in fitness, etc.

V- Every place I’ve visited to review eco-friendly hotels for the blog has been mind-blowing but some of the most special destinations that left a powerful mark in me are: Guatemala, Thailand, Bolivia and Galapagos.

K- You’re also a vegan chef! What are some of your favorite dishes to make when you’re back home in your kitchen?

V- I like getting creative in the kitchen and transforming any non-vegan recipe I used to love as a child to a yummy vegan one. My favorite ones so far are: brown rice+seitan+veggie bowl, and the avocado chocolate mousse topped with caramel popcorn and coconut cream.

cacao pudding valeria

cacao pudding with coconut cream by Valeria/

K- Lastly, how can we connect with you on social media??

V- You can find me on Instagram under @waterthruskin and Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube under WaterThruSkin.




chunky monkey overnight oats! (1).jpg

yesterday I’m talking about making yoga more hardcore, and today I’m giving you a chocolate pb dream team in an overnight oat recipe looking dessert worthy. 

I guess it’s what they say… balance.

but honestly, these overnight oats are dairy free, gluten free, and don’t have any added sugar. this breakfast is also filled with super food  cacao, healthy fats like nut butter & coconut….

ok, I take it back- eat all the chunky monkey overnight oats your little heart desires this sunday morning.

if you don’t want to do them overnight style, just stir the ingredients in and add toppings to a traditional oatmeal bowl.

or, get this recipe set up and in the fridge for Mon-daze morning when you need it most.


// what you need //

serves 1 

3/4 cup of gluten free oats. 

1/2-3/4 cup of almond milk- I notice it gets dry overnight, so I add a bit extra. go with what you like!

1/8 tsp. vanilla extract

1-2 tbsp. of peanut butter (or almond or cashew)

1 tbsp. raw cacao powder

handful of enjoy life chocolate chips

optional: sweetener if preferred, unsweetened coconut, powdered peanut butter,

// how to make it //

prepare the overnight oats (or allow to chill in fridge for a few hours before enjoying)

first, add milk, cacao, oats, vanilla and optional sweetener  – agave, maple syrup, stevia- to jar or bowl.  shake and stir well.

when ready to eat,  stir in nut butter (or powdered pb) banana chips, coconut, and a few dairy free chocolate chips.

top: with more banana chips, coconut, fresh banana, drizzle of peanut butter…

whatever you’d like- go bananas! (woah, kate.)


in the spirit of self care sunday, I’m keeping this blog post brief to go enjoy the last of the weekend.

but I have never met a chocolate/pb/coconut/banana combo I haven’t loved, and this overnight oatmeal was no exception.

enjoy the fleeting weekend and these oats, loves!



beet carrot salad kaleinit


big news, guys!

you may have heard, 3 of my recipes are now featured in The Skinny Confidential’s Bombshell Body Guide as of last week and I still in awe.

when Lauryn Everts offered to include my recipes in the guide,  I was pumped. she’s my blogger idol. then I struggled to keep it a secret until it was announced on social media.

I also got a chance to test out the Bombshell Body Guide (BBG) and hear all my thoughts on it in this post.

two of the three recipes were already on my blog- find the cashew cream alfredo here, & the lentil lettuce wraps here.

but I had to include the third recipe. it’s raw, it’s vegan, gluten free, and full of only the cleanest ingredients possible. it also features detoxifying beets, skin perfecting carrot, and bloat soothing mint and ginger.

I’d consider that a win.

from extensive stalking of TSC blog, I knew that Lauryn appreciated mint, citrus fruits, and apple cider vinegar to feel her best. how did I know?? well, even a much less invested reader would quickly discover this because she discusses her daily detox drink a lot.

this recipe is ready in under 10 minutes. and it’s beautiful! who else agrees that eating gorgeous food makes us feel amazing both inside and out?? not to sound like a nutritious food nerd, but it still am amazed by the beauty that mother nature provides in the form of fruits and veggies.

just look at these colors….

// what you need //


2 cup carrot, peeled to make ribbons

1 cup shredded raw beets.


1/4 cup fresh squeezed orange juice

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

1 teaspoon of ground ginger

pinch of sea salt

1-2 tablespoons of chopped mint to garnish.

// how to make //

peel and shred carrot and beets.

whisk together dressing ingredients.

in a medium bowl, pour dressing over carrots and beets. toss gently to coat and combine.

garnish with orange wedges, and chopped mint.

optional: top with crushed hazelnut or pistachio, or serve over greens or quinoa.

isn’t that simple? I’m curious where else I could use this sweet gingery dressing. 

and please, if you haven’t already, run don’t walk your computer mouse quickly to check out Lauryn’s blog.

beet and carrot salad kaleinit


meg rhn kaleinit

meet meg.

I connected with Meg through social media, and she’s quite possibly the sweetest human. I love her work, her podcast and the clientele she works with…

I’ll let her fill you in! enjoy the first “blogger babes” feature!

K: Hi Meg! First off, tell us a bit about yourself, your background and what you do in the health/wellness field?

M: Hello! Thank you so much for having me on your blog today! I am completely honored! For those of you who do not know me, my name is Meg Doll and I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist living in a pretty city called Saskatoon in Canada! Although I live in Canada, I have an online holistic nutrition business and work with clients worldwide via Skype! I am a two time eating disorder survivor, so today it is my passion to help others with eating disorders, disordered eating (because there is a difference!), and other mental illnesses, which is what I specialize in my private practice!
However, I am also very passionate about adrenal, hormonal, and gut health since the functions of these organs and systems can take a hard hit during an eating disorder and require attention when recovering.
In addition to my online business, I have a podcast called The Nourished Podcast, which comes out with new episodes every Tuesday and can be found on iTunes. I also created an online program called Eat Feel Live Love, which is a 28 day online program/challenge that educates how to eat real food, use it for healing, and how lifestyle and self love factors play a huge (and important) role in achieving overall health. The next group for this program will be starting in fall of 2016 and you can get more information about it at

K: You are open about your experience with an eating disorder. If you could offer a piece of advice to anyone struggling, what would it be?

M: It’s hard for me to just choose one thing as I work with women struggling with eating disorders on a daily basis and recognize that everyone is at different points in their recovery, however, there is a message that usually all of my clients benefit from:

You need to separate yourself from the disorder.

I think all too often we tend to “own” or disorder and think WE are the ones with the problem, however, that’s very far from the truth. Recognize that it is a disorder controlling your thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. and begin to take action. Make the powerful step of denying it, disobeying it, and, quite often, doing the complete opposite of what it wants you to do. This is something I work on with my clients every single session and the first step to making life lasting changes.

K: I love listening to your podcast. What inspired you to choose a podcast over projects? Had you ever worked on one before?

M: Thank you so much! I really enjoy recording and working on my podcast, so it’s so nice to hear you enjoy it! I had never done a podcast before, but a girl (now my best friend and business partner) approached me about starting a business project together and we both thought a podcast would be a great way to share our message and spread our knowledge as we are two holistic nutritionists! Now it’s been over a year and our podcast is doing quite well, which we are so grateful for! More and more people are tuning in every week and we look forward to continuing with it!

K: Do you have any suggestions for health bloggers who are looking to embark on a new project, or expand their blog?

M: Network, network, network! And have patience! A lot of people ask me this question, but what many of them don’t realize is that I have had a blog for over 5 years. It takes time to gain a loyal following, which is why I say patience is so important, however, networking is also important. It’s a must to make friends and connections with other bloggers and people online. You’re not going to grow/expand if you don’t reach out!

Make yourself known!

K: You must be busy with all of your projects! What is your favorite way to stay fit, and how do you make time for yourself and prioritize exercise?

M: I love to stay active, but I’m pretty relaxed about it, which is what I find works best for me. I love being intuitive in all areas of my life, so I try to be as intuitive with exercise as I can be, as well. Currently, I’ve just been doing at home workouts for the past couple of months and it’s been feeling really good for me. Actually, I’ve recently shared my exercise approach on a recent episode of my podcast, episode #60! My workouts are usually bodyweight or involve a couple of dumbbells or barbells. Being strong is a great feeling, but so is just movement. So, I don’t stress about being the strongest or the most fit because that’s not my goal. My goal is health and happiness, so my exercise and the way I move my body reflects that.

K: I was honored to be included in your Freedom Friday series. You brought up a fantastic topic where we defined freedom. What’s your definition?

M: What a great question! I don’t think anyone has ever asked me this before! I’m always the one asking this question! To me, freedom is not being tide down to the “shoulds” or any rules. It’s about letting go of what’s holding you back at the time and embracing what you need in that very moment. I found freedom in authenticity and self acceptance, which I think is very important to point out and include in my definition, as well.
(find my freedom friday feature HERE!)

K: Lastly, how do we keep in touch with you on social media??

M: I would love to keep in touch with everyone!

You’ll find new blog posts on a weekly basis at, new episodes of my podcast every Tuesday on iTunes by searching and subscribing to The Nourished Podcast, and also make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter where my handle is @megtherhn! If you are interested in working with me one on one, I do have a couple of spots for new clients opening up soon, so email me at if this is something that interests you!

are you a blogger (woohoo!!) are you a babe (of course you are!), comment below and share what you’re up to, or let me know of any bloggers you would love to hear from!

blogger babes kaleinit

a new blog series is coming!

starting wednesday I’ll be featuring Q+A convos I put together with some bloggers I’ve connected with in the health and wellness blogisphere. they all have different backgrounds, creative focus, and long term goals. but what they have in common is that they inspired me with their message and purpose. they’re all extremely talented.

I have been FASCINATED with bloggers and blogging long before I started my own blog. ask my dear friend and roommate in college, Rachel. I remember reading her an introductory post for a blog I originally wanted to pursue.

I actually had a few blog concepts prior to Kalein It that THANK GOD I didn’t follow through with. I wasn’t passionate enough about the topics, wasn’t prepared, blah blah. it was for the best. and hey, it’s the creative process.

but the thing I love most about blogging?

there is always something new to learn.

i’ve been blogging for about a year, and wow have things changed. I’d link one of the original posts but I rather not embarrass myself.

over the course of a year I’ve learned a great deal about things I was originally clueless.  I’ve become my own graphic designer, programmer, editor (not my best), photographer, chef of course, food stylist, marketer and general hustler.

oh, and I write.

writing was most definitely my first passion. when you begin blogging you believe it’s a lot of writing – which is accurate. it’s a lot of writing and a hell of a lot of everything else. you wear a lot of hats.

i absolutely love it.

and through extensive research (ie: pinterest articles, podcasts, ebooks, printed books, magazines, conversation) – I’ve found that many bloggers relate. the overwhelming learning curve is normal. phew!

in addition, bloggers share a common thread of having a story, a passion, or an idea that they NEED to get out into the world.

mine? my belief that weaknesses aren’t necessarily weaknesses – but rather a catalyst to discover your strengths. mental illness, eating disorders, past mistakes, shitty habits, anything negative you’ve experienced or are currently experiencing doesn’t define you or determine your worth.

mix this greater goal and message with my love of eating healthy and plant based food (it balances my mood), exercise (I prefer yoga) and mindful living… boom. kalein it.

first up, this week I’ll be featuring Meg Doll of Meg the R.H.N! 

Meg is gorgeous both inside and out. I recently answered her questions in her new Freedom Friday series as well!

Meg specializes in eating disorder recovery when working with her clients.

I’m so happy to have connected with her through social media, and I can not wait for you to hear more about her work as a blogger!