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yesterday I’m talking about making yoga more hardcore, and today I’m giving you a chocolate pb dream team in an overnight oat recipe looking dessert worthy. 

I guess it’s what they say… balance.

but honestly, these overnight oats are dairy free, gluten free, and don’t have any added sugar. this breakfast is also filled with super food  cacao, healthy fats like nut butter & coconut….

ok, I take it back- eat all the chunky monkey overnight oats your little heart desires this sunday morning.

if you don’t want to do them overnight style, just stir the ingredients in and add toppings to a traditional oatmeal bowl.

or, get this recipe set up and in the fridge for Mon-daze morning when you need it most.


// what you need //

serves 1 

3/4 cup of gluten free oats. 

1/2-3/4 cup of almond milk- I notice it gets dry overnight, so I add a bit extra. go with what you like!

1/8 tsp. vanilla extract

1-2 tbsp. of peanut butter (or almond or cashew)

1 tbsp. raw cacao powder

handful of enjoy life chocolate chips

optional: sweetener if preferred, unsweetened coconut, powdered peanut butter,

// how to make it //

prepare the overnight oats (or allow to chill in fridge for a few hours before enjoying)

first, add milk, cacao, oats, vanilla and optional sweetener  – agave, maple syrup, stevia- to jar or bowl.  shake and stir well.

when ready to eat,  stir in nut butter (or powdered pb) banana chips, coconut, and a few dairy free chocolate chips.

top: with more banana chips, coconut, fresh banana, drizzle of peanut butter…

whatever you’d like- go bananas! (woah, kate.)


in the spirit of self care sunday, I’m keeping this blog post brief to go enjoy the last of the weekend.

but I have never met a chocolate/pb/coconut/banana combo I haven’t loved, and this overnight oatmeal was no exception.

enjoy the fleeting weekend and these oats, loves!



beet carrot salad kaleinit


big news, guys!

you may have heard, 3 of my recipes are now featured in The Skinny Confidential’s Bombshell Body Guide as of last week and I still in awe.

when Lauryn Everts offered to include my recipes in the guide,  I was pumped. she’s my blogger idol. then I struggled to keep it a secret until it was announced on social media.

I also got a chance to test out the Bombshell Body Guide (BBG) and hear all my thoughts on it in this post.

two of the three recipes were already on my blog- find the cashew cream alfredo here, & the lentil lettuce wraps here.

but I had to include the third recipe. it’s raw, it’s vegan, gluten free, and full of only the cleanest ingredients possible. it also features detoxifying beets, skin perfecting carrot, and bloat soothing mint and ginger.

I’d consider that a win.

from extensive stalking of TSC blog, I knew that Lauryn appreciated mint, citrus fruits, and apple cider vinegar to feel her best. how did I know?? well, even a much less invested reader would quickly discover this because she discusses her daily detox drink a lot.

this recipe is ready in under 10 minutes. and it’s beautiful! who else agrees that eating gorgeous food makes us feel amazing both inside and out?? not to sound like a nutritious food nerd, but it still am amazed by the beauty that mother nature provides in the form of fruits and veggies.

just look at these colors….

// what you need //


2 cup carrot, peeled to make ribbons

1 cup shredded raw beets.


1/4 cup fresh squeezed orange juice

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

1 teaspoon of ground ginger

pinch of sea salt

1-2 tablespoons of chopped mint to garnish.

// how to make //

peel and shred carrot and beets.

whisk together dressing ingredients.

in a medium bowl, pour dressing over carrots and beets. toss gently to coat and combine.

garnish with orange wedges, and chopped mint.

optional: top with crushed hazelnut or pistachio, or serve over greens or quinoa.

isn’t that simple? I’m curious where else I could use this sweet gingery dressing. 

and please, if you haven’t already, run don’t walk your computer mouse quickly to check out Lauryn’s blog.

beet and carrot salad kaleinit


meg rhn kaleinit

meet meg.

I connected with Meg through social media, and she’s quite possibly the sweetest human. I love her work, her podcast and the clientele she works with…

I’ll let her fill you in! enjoy the first “blogger babes” feature!

K: Hi Meg! First off, tell us a bit about yourself, your background and what you do in the health/wellness field?

M: Hello! Thank you so much for having me on your blog today! I am completely honored! For those of you who do not know me, my name is Meg Doll and I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist living in a pretty city called Saskatoon in Canada! Although I live in Canada, I have an online holistic nutrition business and work with clients worldwide via Skype! I am a two time eating disorder survivor, so today it is my passion to help others with eating disorders, disordered eating (because there is a difference!), and other mental illnesses, which is what I specialize in my private practice!
However, I am also very passionate about adrenal, hormonal, and gut health since the functions of these organs and systems can take a hard hit during an eating disorder and require attention when recovering.
In addition to my online business, I have a podcast called The Nourished Podcast, which comes out with new episodes every Tuesday and can be found on iTunes. I also created an online program called Eat Feel Live Love, which is a 28 day online program/challenge that educates how to eat real food, use it for healing, and how lifestyle and self love factors play a huge (and important) role in achieving overall health. The next group for this program will be starting in fall of 2016 and you can get more information about it at

K: You are open about your experience with an eating disorder. If you could offer a piece of advice to anyone struggling, what would it be?

M: It’s hard for me to just choose one thing as I work with women struggling with eating disorders on a daily basis and recognize that everyone is at different points in their recovery, however, there is a message that usually all of my clients benefit from:

You need to separate yourself from the disorder.

I think all too often we tend to “own” or disorder and think WE are the ones with the problem, however, that’s very far from the truth. Recognize that it is a disorder controlling your thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. and begin to take action. Make the powerful step of denying it, disobeying it, and, quite often, doing the complete opposite of what it wants you to do. This is something I work on with my clients every single session and the first step to making life lasting changes.

K: I love listening to your podcast. What inspired you to choose a podcast over projects? Had you ever worked on one before?

M: Thank you so much! I really enjoy recording and working on my podcast, so it’s so nice to hear you enjoy it! I had never done a podcast before, but a girl (now my best friend and business partner) approached me about starting a business project together and we both thought a podcast would be a great way to share our message and spread our knowledge as we are two holistic nutritionists! Now it’s been over a year and our podcast is doing quite well, which we are so grateful for! More and more people are tuning in every week and we look forward to continuing with it!

K: Do you have any suggestions for health bloggers who are looking to embark on a new project, or expand their blog?

M: Network, network, network! And have patience! A lot of people ask me this question, but what many of them don’t realize is that I have had a blog for over 5 years. It takes time to gain a loyal following, which is why I say patience is so important, however, networking is also important. It’s a must to make friends and connections with other bloggers and people online. You’re not going to grow/expand if you don’t reach out!

Make yourself known!

K: You must be busy with all of your projects! What is your favorite way to stay fit, and how do you make time for yourself and prioritize exercise?

M: I love to stay active, but I’m pretty relaxed about it, which is what I find works best for me. I love being intuitive in all areas of my life, so I try to be as intuitive with exercise as I can be, as well. Currently, I’ve just been doing at home workouts for the past couple of months and it’s been feeling really good for me. Actually, I’ve recently shared my exercise approach on a recent episode of my podcast, episode #60! My workouts are usually bodyweight or involve a couple of dumbbells or barbells. Being strong is a great feeling, but so is just movement. So, I don’t stress about being the strongest or the most fit because that’s not my goal. My goal is health and happiness, so my exercise and the way I move my body reflects that.

K: I was honored to be included in your Freedom Friday series. You brought up a fantastic topic where we defined freedom. What’s your definition?

M: What a great question! I don’t think anyone has ever asked me this before! I’m always the one asking this question! To me, freedom is not being tide down to the “shoulds” or any rules. It’s about letting go of what’s holding you back at the time and embracing what you need in that very moment. I found freedom in authenticity and self acceptance, which I think is very important to point out and include in my definition, as well.
(find my freedom friday feature HERE!)

K: Lastly, how do we keep in touch with you on social media??

M: I would love to keep in touch with everyone!

You’ll find new blog posts on a weekly basis at, new episodes of my podcast every Tuesday on iTunes by searching and subscribing to The Nourished Podcast, and also make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter where my handle is @megtherhn! If you are interested in working with me one on one, I do have a couple of spots for new clients opening up soon, so email me at if this is something that interests you!

are you a blogger (woohoo!!) are you a babe (of course you are!), comment below and share what you’re up to, or let me know of any bloggers you would love to hear from!

blogger babes kaleinit

a new blog series is coming!

starting wednesday I’ll be featuring Q+A convos I put together with some bloggers I’ve connected with in the health and wellness blogisphere. they all have different backgrounds, creative focus, and long term goals. but what they have in common is that they inspired me with their message and purpose. they’re all extremely talented.

I have been FASCINATED with bloggers and blogging long before I started my own blog. ask my dear friend and roommate in college, Rachel. I remember reading her an introductory post for a blog I originally wanted to pursue.

I actually had a few blog concepts prior to Kalein It that THANK GOD I didn’t follow through with. I wasn’t passionate enough about the topics, wasn’t prepared, blah blah. it was for the best. and hey, it’s the creative process.

but the thing I love most about blogging?

there is always something new to learn.

i’ve been blogging for about a year, and wow have things changed. I’d link one of the original posts but I rather not embarrass myself.

over the course of a year I’ve learned a great deal about things I was originally clueless.  I’ve become my own graphic designer, programmer, editor (not my best), photographer, chef of course, food stylist, marketer and general hustler.

oh, and I write.

writing was most definitely my first passion. when you begin blogging you believe it’s a lot of writing – which is accurate. it’s a lot of writing and a hell of a lot of everything else. you wear a lot of hats.

i absolutely love it.

and through extensive research (ie: pinterest articles, podcasts, ebooks, printed books, magazines, conversation) – I’ve found that many bloggers relate. the overwhelming learning curve is normal. phew!

in addition, bloggers share a common thread of having a story, a passion, or an idea that they NEED to get out into the world.

mine? my belief that weaknesses aren’t necessarily weaknesses – but rather a catalyst to discover your strengths. mental illness, eating disorders, past mistakes, shitty habits, anything negative you’ve experienced or are currently experiencing doesn’t define you or determine your worth.

mix this greater goal and message with my love of eating healthy and plant based food (it balances my mood), exercise (I prefer yoga) and mindful living… boom. kalein it.

first up, this week I’ll be featuring Meg Doll of Meg the R.H.N! 

Meg is gorgeous both inside and out. I recently answered her questions in her new Freedom Friday series as well!

Meg specializes in eating disorder recovery when working with her clients.

I’m so happy to have connected with her through social media, and I can not wait for you to hear more about her work as a blogger!



kaleinit bombshell body guide

Lauryn Evarts? blogger GOALS.

chances are you’re familiar with The Skinny Confidential. I have become a loyal follower of TSC and I’m hooked.

I love the TSC brand, the content, the podcast, Lauryn’s humor, her photos, her dogs….ok, I love it all. I consistently comment on Lauryn’s photos on social media because I enjoy her content and she’s pretty incredible at getting back to followers. Despite her growth since starting TSC over five years ago, she remembers the reader.

let’s rewind a couple weeks.  I reached out to Lauryn to let her know how much I appreciated her content, and she asked me to review the Bombshell Body Guide for my readers!

needless to say, I was thrilled. so I’m going to outline the details of the BBG for you all and provide some feedback on this fitness/nutrition guide. I hope you challenge yourselves, try it out, and join me!

kaleinit BBG review

What’s the Bombshell Body Guide?

it’s a healthy lifestyle overhaul, with a community included. it’s for the modern girl. no weird sales models or hidden gimmicks. just women who want to feel and look their best. first, users login to a members only platform. then they track progress, post questions, and provide feedback to one another.

it has meal plans and recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. and drinks, too!  it has resources and suggestions. it has grocery lists, meal planning tools, and food journal print outs. it kind of has it all. which is to be expected, as Lauryn’s blog covers just about everything a woman may need.

the fitness.

simple, step-by-step photo instructions of every exercise from warm up to cool down. The fitness area of the platform is broken into either Targeted Work Outs (for arms, ass, abs, etc), or two Bombshell Body fitness plans that are completed in 14 weeks.

Lauryn teamed up with Jaime McFaden, trainer to the stars and named a top trainer by Shape magazine.lauryn the bombshell body guidejaime mcfaden

what did I love about the fitness plan? 27 minute work outs. that’s it!

i followed the suggestion of following the workouts 3 days a week. within a few minutes I was working up a sweat.

not bad for a work out that consists of 10 exercises, preformed for 30 seconds each, and repeated twice for a total of 3 circuits.

the PDFs can be printed then thrown in your bag to accompany you on vacation, to the office, wherever! anywhere you have the time and space to work out. and won’t look like a psycho for busting out some crunches…

no equipment is necessary. just body weight and effective routines. no equiptment means even more convenience and ability to do it ANYWHERE.

if it’s not a yoga class, I want it to be over with quickly. so I appreciated the variety (it changes up daily!) and the fact that the workouts were fast and didn’t bore me.

bombshell body guide kaleinit

TSC Iced Matcha Latte

the nutrition.

all recipes included are simple enough for a novice home cook armed with a handful of fresh ingredients.

Lauryn covers breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and even cocktails.

although not a vegan meal plan, dishes that weren’t plant based could be vegan-ized easily. take off cheese, sub a dairy free alternative or some avocado? done.

I’m eager to try the vegan french toast and the tofu scramble breakfast sandwich inspired me to make my own sans dairy and gluten.

I also thought TSC chickpea salad and matcha lattes could become staples in my diet. don’t they look delicious?TSC Chickpea Salad

some of the recipes can be found on Lauryn’s blog, but there’s also a ton of exclusive recipes for members and like the workouts, there’s VARIETY. 

how does BBG work?

well, that’s up to you!  commit and stay on track and you should start to see results!  I think the best part is that you can track progress easily, plus the simplicity of the program leaves zero room for nonsense.  BBG is laid out in an organized and fool proof way, taking the guess work out of this fitness regimen and meal planning tool.

what makes it different??

the community aspect of the BBG is the best part. readers log on and not only speak to Lauryn, but to each other. They can also communicate using the social media accounts dedicated to the BBG – like Instagram.

but wait. we didn’t get to the big news yet…….

three of my recipes will now be featured in the nutrition section of her Bombshell Body Guide! yup, vegan dishes for users who want to incorporate more plant based meals, or experiment with cruelty free cooking.

I’m beyond excited.

you’ll find my cashew cream alfredo, lentil mushroom lettuce wraps, and a new recipe- a raw carrot beet salad with ginger citrus dressing. full recipe coming to the blog soon!

bombshell body guide kaleinit




Palm trees, sunshine, and sparkling pools surrounded by sunbathers. Thinking of a vacation?? My college experience comes to mind. I was very fortunate to spend four years at Arizona State University for undergrad. A gorgeous campus, far from home, with a ton of new people to meet. One of which I need to introduce you to!

Everyone, meet Gourmet Gab! Gabriela Rodiles is a foodie and blogger who I was very lucky to meet in college. In fact, we were roommates one year! She’s not only a kind friend, but she’s got skills in the kitchen! I remember coming home and seeing her make different dishes in our apartment. I was always inspired by Gab’s blogging, and found it very courageous of her to follow her passion. She travels a great deal due to her work for her sorority, and is based in Indiana now! She’s also spent a summer as an intern for the Food Network. Find her at The Gourmet Gab or on Instagram, @gourmet_gab!

gab and kate

Here is Gab and I in the Hamptons a few years ago.

Because blogging is all about making connections, we wanted to introduce each other to our readers. We both have different approaches to our blog, with different areas of expertise! So we put together questions to interview one another, as well as a recipe that is inspired by the flavors of the southwest, a little ode to where we became friends! So lets’s get to it…
K: Knowing you from college, I was always impressed that you had taken the risk of starting your own blog! When did you first have the idea and what inspired your passion for cooking at such a young age?
G: When I was a freshman in college studying journalism, I saw the sophomores making a blog for one of their classes and I wanted to get ahead of the game. I started Gourmet Gab to begin writing about my love of food and connect to other college students! Ever since I was little I wanted to be in the kitchen. I vividly remember watching Emeril Lagasse instead of watching cartoons. Discovering how to mesh my two passions — cooking and storytelling — has been so fun over the last five years.
K: What is your favorite spice or ingredient to add to your dishes?
G: Sea salt! I know this sounds simple, but I have just recently had an epiphany with salt. I think I have been under-seasoning my food for too long, and now that I’m using real sea salt, I appreciate how it brings out the natural flavors of food. 
K: Any tips for healthy eating while traveling? You are always jet setting and very busy! How should we avoid packaged on-the-go food choices when traveling?
G: Although they are packaged, I always have a granola bar in my bag when I’m traveling! Lately I’m really into KIND bars and Trader Joe’s Simply Nutty Dark Chocolate Nut Bars. When I’m on the go, I would always rather have something in my bag with me so I’m not tempted to snack on fast food or overeat once I do sit down for a meal. I would recommend also making your own combination of trail mix with raw nuts and dried fruit to have stashed away in case hunger strikes while you’re on the plane or traveling. 
K: Speaking of your travels, what do you love most about visiting a new city? Do you explore their food scene and try signature dishes?
G: My most favorite part of visiting somewhere new is trying the city’s food! Even when I’m traveling for work I would rather wake up early and stay up late to squeeze in trying new restaurants or visiting the spots where the locals go. To me, it’s like a treasure hunt. I enjoy researching, reading other blogs and talking to the locals about the must-visit spots of each city. Once I find an amazing meal, drink or restaurant, my whole day is made!
K: I LOVE your tagline of “Love Food. Love Self. Love Life.” Could you describe more about how you came up with that and what it means to you and your readers?
G: Thank you! It popped into my head while I was trying to think about what I wanted my blog to encapsulate. The three phrases —  Love food. Love self. Love life. — are so interwoven to me. Food brings me so much joy, and when I am happy it gives me a positive outlook on life. Food is powerful and when you learn to embrace it, appreciate it and savor it, I believe it impacts your being and your attitude about everyday life. I hope this philosophy connects with my readers, as well. My goal is to help people feel more knowledgable in the kitchen. If this leads them to feel more confident and inspired in their own lives, I’ve done my job!
K: What are your favorite ways to stay active as part of your healthy lifestyle?
G: After trying to be a morning workout person, I have learned that the best way for me to be consistent about working out is to head to the gym directly after work. I always do some kind of weights or core workout, then I like to get my heart rate up with cardio. Whether I take a cycling class or go for a run, I really enjoy pumping up the music and forgetting about the rest of my day. Growing up I danced almost everyday after school, in college I was a Zumba instructor and now I am working on teaching cycling classes. Being active has always been a part of my life and I believe it is really important to stay balanced.
K: What does a balanced lifestyle mean to you? 
G: My mom used to always tell me, “Everything in moderation” and that philosophy has stuck with me. I believe in a killer workout a few nights a week just as much as I believe in gooey, chewy chocolate chip cookies. Keeping a balanced lifestyle helps me to not be too extreme one way or the other. I encourage everyone to find a balance in their life that works for them as well. 
K: I know you’re a breakfast lover! If you could only eat one breakfast, what would you choose? 
G: Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! If I could only eat one breakfast I would pick peanut butter toast with sliced bananas drizzled with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon. It’s combines my two favorite things in the morning: peanut butter and fruit. 
K: Have you experimented with any super foods or popular health foods? What did you think??

G: I love to stay on top of the trends and am always experimenting in the kitchen. I went through a huge kale phase that I am winding down from now. Green smoothies, kale salads and kale in marinara pasta sauce were my favorites. Right now I’m on a chia seed kick. I eat them probably three times a week in pudding, parfaits or smoothies! I love snacking on walnuts, so next I want to play around with actually cooking with them.



Wow, what an amazing approach to food and life. Thank you for sharing with us, Gab!
Now time for the salad. This kale salad is not only my favorite because of the choice of green- but the dressing! It’s tangy, full of fresh flavor from the cilantro, with a touch of spice from red pepper flakes and smoked paprika.
We added corn, black bean and juicy mango to give it a southwest feel. Red or orange bell pepper, red onion, or spicy baked tofu would be fantastic to add as well! What is so great about salads is that everything goes.
southwestern salad.jpg


Southwest Kale Salad With Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette 

for the dressing:

2 cups cilantro packed

juice of 1 small lime

1 shallot roughly chopped

1/2 tsp. red pepper flakes

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

2 tbsp. red wine vinegar

1 tsp. smoked paprika

1 tsp. salt (and additional salt and pepper to taste)

for the salad: serves 2

4 cups of baby kale (or a baby kale spinach blend, or romaine would work well)

1/2 organic black beans, rinsed and drained

1/2 can organic sweet corn, rinsed and drained

1 ripe mango

1-2 cups of cherry tomato, cut in half

1 ripe avocado

to make:

  1. Prepare the dressing by placing all ingredients into a blender. Blend until smooth. Set aside.
  2. Rinse and drain beans and corn.
  3. Chop tomato and any other vegetables.
  4. Top kale with veggies, corn, beans and dressing and toss to combine.
  5. Thinly slice avocado and mango and top the salad with each.
  6. Garnish with additional lime and fresh cilantro if desired.





30 day social media detox kaleinit

we live in an information OVERLOAD. the ringing, the binging, the notifying, the swooping in and out of emails. it’s enough stimuli to make your head spin. on one hand it is absolutely incredible. the knowledge that is easily shared, the connections we can maintain despite distance, the convenience is unparalleled.

but how do you find a balance between healthy, mindful living and this fast paced social media phenomenon.

to be honest, i wasn’t.

this post is to share my reasons for taking 30 days off social media and (almost) blogging. it’s also to fill you in on what happened when I did, and to present a social media detox challenge for all of YOU. (if you dare..)

prior to starting Kalein It, I was fascinated with mindful living. I had just spent a total of 3 months in an intensive therapy program for woman dealing with mental illness/trauma. the therapy was based in DBT principles, or dialectical behavioral therapy, which has shown incredible success in treating complex mental health diagnoses such as PTSD and bipolar disorder. for more on DBT read here.

it was heavy. it was a little scary. but it worked to rewire the brain and develop new thought patterns that focused on mindfulness. it started as intimidating, then became really interesting, then it worked. that feeling was something i knew everyone deserved to feel, and then the idea of “kale in it” was born. it truly led me to look at meditation, yoga and a healthy diet in a new light.

it taught me that going through the motions doesn’t make you balanced. living them does.

then i wanted to share. i knew other people struggled with anxieties and fears, perhaps mental illness or a history of an eating disorder like i did. so i started my instagram and i found so much joy in the creativity it sparked. doing things you enjoy – in my case yoga, cooking, photography, and writing – helps you construct a life that feels whole. when you do activities you love with intention and enjoy the experience fully, that is being mindful.

but social media is addicting. does anyone agree? there’s some kind of instant gratification from reaching X amount of likes. i know that the couple of months prior to going through my social media detox, sharing on social media was becoming a bit of a chore rather than an opportunity to genuinely share and connect with others.

in addition to hyper focusing on my news feed, i felt myself regressing to older patterns of behavior and thinking. i was no longer practicing what i had learned and what had propelled me to start a blog in the first place.

i felt pressure to bring great flawless food photos, to portray myself as a strict vegan, to put my best foot forward everyday. that’s not balance at all. that’s self critical and unnecessary pressure rather than behavior based in self love.

heres’s a glimpse of my reality….

somedays i just eat a bland dinner of pre-packaged tofu on some rice. sometimes my green smoothie turns out slightly brown from the  poor blueberry to spinach ratio. a lot of days, my yoga practice doesn’t benefit from taking flexi-bendy-perfect photos. sometimes i’m just sitting in child’s pose, which isn’t always the most impressive but can certainly be the most grounding.

i’m now going to say something that may piss some of you off….dun dun dun

i’ve decided to be label-less in my diet. don’t panic, plant based healthy food will still be a staple both here and on IG, but i want to be honest in saying i’m not perfect. i know in my heart that a highly restrictive diet filled with “good vs. bad” comparisons doesn’t nourish me.

am i running to eat bacon every morning. hell no, gross. but the focus here is health and balance as a lifestyle.

would you like to go meatless on Monday? good for you – come check out my recipes here. effort is effort, let’s be kind to each other rather than judgmental.  and if you have more pressing questions about my diet, feel free to comment and i’ll elaborate.

for those of you who are still with me after admitting i’m not the poster child for the vegan community… thanks for sticking around.

// here’s what happened when i took 30 days off social media // and what i believe will happen to YOU too.

i was present.

more present in conversations, at meals, even chilling out watching tv. i was doing one thing at a time instead of multiple. that is a huge part of being mindful, to focus your attention on one thing at a time and to do it with integrity and proper attention.

i read more.

books, articles on my phone, magazine, anything. i researched. i wanted to learn how to improve my blog, improve myself and become the healthiest and happiest version of me.

i slept more. 

yup, i did actually sleep more. i didn’t stay up for those extra 10 minutes (who am i kidding, sometimes 1 hour) of social media stalking. this brings us back to the theme of- you guessed it!- being mindful, it is easy to lose track of time when scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling….

plus sleep is critical in keeping our moods stable and our body working its’ best. it’s self care to catch zzzz’s.

i was more creative. 

i noticed i had more ideas for topics, recipes, and overall branding for this blog. i wrote them down. they don’t all need to be implemented today, they are brewing in brainstorm land. i also took photos just to take them, not to stress over editing, captioning or posting them. instead of looking at things as “will this be instagram worthy?” i just let my imagination do it’s thing…

i remembered why i started. 

one of the most important goals i had when detoxing from social media, was to remember why i started in the first place. to regain a more genuine attitude toward the social setting, and focus less on likes and comments, and more on community. not to say that i had some massive following, i’m aware it wasn’t huge, but the issue was the fascination with gaining more rather than appreciating what had already come.

i appreciated more. 

due to the increase in presence and mindfulness i felt more gratitude and appreciation for things. i love gratitude lists, make one instead of scanning everyone’s facebook drama!

ready to challenge yourself? but don’t want to go cold turkey on your instagram?  i put together a 30 day challenge with daily detox goals.

if you’re having trouble remember, it’s only 30 days… you got this!

maybe journal about the experience. take the 30 days with less distraction as a chance to reflect.

i’m curious how it goes! please please let me know of your experience and good luck!

social media detox challenge kaleinit