The Skinny Confidential’s Bombshell Body Guide

kaleinit bombshell body guide

Lauryn Evarts? blogger GOALS.

chances are you’re familiar with The Skinny Confidential. I have become a loyal follower of TSC and I’m hooked.

I love the TSC brand, the content, the podcast, Lauryn’s humor, her photos, her dogs….ok, I love it all. I consistently comment on Lauryn’s photos on social media because I enjoy her content and she’s pretty incredible at getting back to followers. Despite her growth since starting TSC over five years ago, she remembers the reader.

let’s rewind a couple weeks.  I reached out to Lauryn to let her know how much I appreciated her content, and she asked me to review the Bombshell Body Guide for my readers!

needless to say, I was thrilled. so I’m going to outline the details of the BBG for you all and provide some feedback on this fitness/nutrition guide. I hope you challenge yourselves, try it out, and join me!

kaleinit BBG review

What’s the Bombshell Body Guide?

it’s a healthy lifestyle overhaul, with a community included. it’s for the modern girl. no weird sales models or hidden gimmicks. just women who want to feel and look their best. first, users login to a members only platform. then they track progress, post questions, and provide feedback to one another.

it has meal plans and recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. and drinks, too!  it has resources and suggestions. it has grocery lists, meal planning tools, and food journal print outs. it kind of has it all. which is to be expected, as Lauryn’s blog covers just about everything a woman may need.

the fitness.

simple, step-by-step photo instructions of every exercise from warm up to cool down. The fitness area of the platform is broken into either Targeted Work Outs (for arms, ass, abs, etc), or two Bombshell Body fitness plans that are completed in 14 weeks.

Lauryn teamed up with Jaime McFaden, trainer to the stars and named a top trainer by Shape magazine.lauryn the bombshell body guidejaime mcfaden

what did I love about the fitness plan? 27 minute work outs. that’s it!

i followed the suggestion of following the workouts 3 days a week. within a few minutes I was working up a sweat.

not bad for a work out that consists of 10 exercises, preformed for 30 seconds each, and repeated twice for a total of 3 circuits.

the PDFs can be printed then thrown in your bag to accompany you on vacation, to the office, wherever! anywhere you have the time and space to work out. and won’t look like a psycho for busting out some crunches…

no equipment is necessary. just body weight and effective routines. no equiptment means even more convenience and ability to do it ANYWHERE.

if it’s not a yoga class, I want it to be over with quickly. so I appreciated the variety (it changes up daily!) and the fact that the workouts were fast and didn’t bore me.

bombshell body guide kaleinit

TSC Iced Matcha Latte

the nutrition.

all recipes included are simple enough for a novice home cook armed with a handful of fresh ingredients.

Lauryn covers breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and even cocktails.

although not a vegan meal plan, dishes that weren’t plant based could be vegan-ized easily. take off cheese, sub a dairy free alternative or some avocado? done.

I’m eager to try the vegan french toast and the tofu scramble breakfast sandwich inspired me to make my own sans dairy and gluten.

I also thought TSC chickpea salad and matcha lattes could become staples in my diet. don’t they look delicious?TSC Chickpea Salad

some of the recipes can be found on Lauryn’s blog, but there’s also a ton of exclusive recipes for members and like the workouts, there’s VARIETY. 

how does BBG work?

well, that’s up to you!  commit and stay on track and you should start to see results!  I think the best part is that you can track progress easily, plus the simplicity of the program leaves zero room for nonsense.  BBG is laid out in an organized and fool proof way, taking the guess work out of this fitness regimen and meal planning tool.

what makes it different??

the community aspect of the BBG is the best part. readers log on and not only speak to Lauryn, but to each other. They can also communicate using the social media accounts dedicated to the BBG – like Instagram.

but wait. we didn’t get to the big news yet…….

three of my recipes will now be featured in the nutrition section of her Bombshell Body Guide! yup, vegan dishes for users who want to incorporate more plant based meals, or experiment with cruelty free cooking.

I’m beyond excited.

you’ll find my cashew cream alfredo, lentil mushroom lettuce wraps, and a new recipe- a raw carrot beet salad with ginger citrus dressing. full recipe coming to the blog soon!

bombshell body guide kaleinit





  1. May 27, 2016 / 1:50 am

    Congratulations on your recipes being featured! I love The Skinny Confidential because the blog is so positive and authentic. Lauryn is very good about keeping in touch with all of her readers–I listen to the Him and Her podcast regularly too! 😀

    • Kate
      May 27, 2016 / 2:31 am

      It’s my favorite podcast! And thank you so much! It was amazing to be featured because I’ve been such a fan of her blog

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