vegan bbq pulled pork from lucky vitamin!

i have to share the product that made this completely vegan bbq pulled “pork” sandwich possible!

bbq pulled pork lucky vitamin

yes, this post is to let you know about a company/product i LOVE. no, i’m not faking it.

i’m super excited to be partnering with lucky vitamin as an ambassador for their brand.

why do i love lucky vitamin? good people, great service, amazing products. i’ve been blown away by my experiences ordering from them.

i found that as i started to eat healthier and become interested in the popular health products available on the market- i was running to various locations to find the different brands i grew to love. not convenient, very frustrating. who wants to be searching aisles and various shelves to find the latest raw vegan granola bar? not kate.

now, i can shop a huge variety of products, narrow my search by specialty (ex: vegan, gluten free), and get them shipped to my door. oh, and for wholesale prices. kale yeah.

i really encourage you to try shopping through their easy system. you can search by ingredient, by health concern, it couldn’t be more straight forward. which is great, because the number of products and options may otherwise become overwhelming!

it’s convenient and the selection is incredible. so, as an ambassador every once and a while i’ll be filling you in on the latest deals and promotions that Lucky Vitamin is running on their site. i’ll also give you a simple recipe using their products so you can have a meatless dish full of clean ingredients quickly!

but today let’s focus on this incredible jackfruit bbq pulled pork– which is the perfect #meatlessmonday dish, or meatless any day…

jackfruit is in fact a fruit. yes, it is the meat substitute. Upton’s Naturals brand has revolutionized meat substitutes on the market by using the jackfruit’s shredded meat texture.

they use minimal ingredients, it is soy free, gluten free, and vegan as well. it’s also very low in calories, and high in fiber. please, don’t let the fact that it is technically a fruit deter you from trying.

the product needs to be heated for a few minutes in a pan. then top with a vegan slaw using shredded carrots/ red cabbage with cilantro and vegan mayo. it’s really that simple! great for a weeknight after the 9-5 grind when you are craving something hearty, yet using clean ingredients.

below are some addition deals/promotions taking place at Lucky Vitamin for the remainder of March. Enjoy, everyone!


Sweet Lucky Vitamin Spring Deals

Spring Cleaning Sale

Products up to 50% off. Save on cleaning products, laundry, dish soap, hand soap, paper products, etc!

Multivitamin Sale

Vitamins up to 60% off! Save on women’s, prenatal, men’s, children’s, etc.

Beauty Sale

Up to 60% off select products! Save on makeup, face care, nail, and beauty tools!


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