vegan, cruelty free products // 5 favorites.

want to know what I’m all about? feeling your BEST.

this could mean dramatic make up or barefaced, straight hair or curly, freckled or tan, you decide!

playing up your natural beauty and taking care of yourself to feel confident is a “kalein it” move. when we look good, we feel good, and when we feel good, we live well.

but, what about the animal testing!? what about the crazy chemicals and random ingredients we can’t pronounce?

That stuff in the beauty industry, I’m not about.

today I’m sharing 5 everyday cruelty free products I use that are cruelty free and made from natural ingredients or materials.

if you want to know more about animal testing, I highly recommend you do some google research. there are many fantastic resources that discuss the issue. and while it is difficult to watch, it’s incredibly valuable to understand and make compassionate choices.

here’s just a small  glimpse of what goes on…

but because I strive to make my site a positive place, I won’t get into further details of animal testing practices. I encourage you to read, learn the brands that stand up against animal testing (you may already be using some!) and educate yourself about those that continue to support testing so that you can find alternatives.

now time for 5 beauty products from brands I trust!

 cruelty free products osea malibu
OSEA Malibu.

I can’t say enough about this brand. the quality is amazing, the products smell fresh and light, and the ingredients are phenomenal. they use algae in their skin care and they’ve made me a believer in its’ powers! the best part? their products work!

I use their ocean cleanser, atmosphere protection cream as a moisturizer, and my favorite the sea vitamin boost. it is a mist used after cleansing or anytime of day over make up. the cleanser is gentle but incredibly effective in removing make up, the moisturizer doesn’t leave me greasy and makes the skin soft while protecting my skin the elements, and I use the sea vitamin mist all day. it’s anti-aging and gives my skin the glow we all crave. it contains pomegranate extract, therefore providing a great antioxidant boost.

for some of more information about the ingredients used in OSEA products, read here.

cruelty free products natural nail polish

Dr. Remedy’s Nail Polish.

I have a TERRIBLE habit of biting my nails. I can’t seem to kick this nasty habit either, suggestions welcome!

however, Dr. Remedy is vegan friendly, free from animal testing, and FULL of vitamins your nails need. Like biotin, wheat protein and tea tree oil to naturally help growth and strength.

so not only do they make my nails pretty is colors like “trusting turquoise and playful pink, that deter me from biting, they also keep my nails healthy in case I ever let them grow!

to choose the color you like best or to read more about their products, check our their site. 

e.l.f blush/bronzer.

cruelty free products blush and make up brushes kaleinit

I can go weeks on end without using any make up. but most days I try to at least throw on mascara and some blush/bronzer for some color.

i love e.l.f. because everything is cruelty free AND super inexpensive. I’m talking a 3-10 dollar range with nothing in the brand exceeding 25 dollars.  but don’t read that as CHEAP. the stuff still works well! I used their primer for a long time, until my anti make up phase came along and my foundation was suddenly abandoned.

for the general day to day this duo perfect compact to throw in my bag with a mini blush brush.

the blush is just the right shade of neutral pink with just a touch of feminine shimmer. I apply a bit of the bronzer under my cheek bones for a bit of contour. it’s matte which I really appreciate! I can’t stand shimmery bronzers especially for everyday wear.

by the way, is anyone else obsessed with reading product reviews on sites? e.l.f. has a 4.2 star rating on this blush/bronzer duo. pretty good! oh, with a total of almost 1,050 reviews of this product alone. DAMN GOOD.

to steal- er, buy this 4 dollar DEAL, head to e.l.f. and also read what others thing!

tea tree oil.

zits, be gone. I thought I was past the awkward years of coach bags, velour juicy couture track jackets and serious break outs, but SURPRISE! it seems adulthood brings zits too. (luckily no velour or coach wristlets, though).

oh well, thank goodness for tea tree oil. this natural oil comes to my rescue when a blemish pops up. it’s antibacterial and it’s strong! so dilute it with water a bit or, use this one that’s more gentle.

simply add a couple drops to a cotton ball or q-tip and treat the effected area. clears up right away without benzol peroxide or other agressive and unnatural ingredients.

I love Dessert Essence brand. I’ve also used their cleansing pads in the past and really recommend them if you have oily skin or are prone to breakouts.

Eco Tools brushes.

I started using Eco Tools in high school, long before cruelty free products were on my radar.

my grandmother got them for me actually, (good work, granny!) and I honestly have not used another make up brush since.

they are the softest make up brushes I’ve ever tried. they are made with recycled aluminum, bamboo and of course, are vegan approved. I use the blush brush the most and keep a small mini version in my make up bag to reapply on the go.

check out their line of brushes here.

for some of these products I’ve included, and other AMAZING vegan/cruelty free options, check Lucky Vitamin. they make it super simple. first narrow down your search to “cruelty free” and then the genre you need (home cleaning, laundry, skin care, make up). This way you’ll only be shown products that don’t support animal testing and use ingredients with integrity.

do you have a favorite cruelty free and all natural product? share share share!


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  1. June 12, 2016 / 12:42 am

    I’ve been wanting to look more into vegan beauty products because I do want to find more ways to support sustainable companies. It’s great that a lot of new brands are not testing on animals anymore and are using only clean ingredients for their makeup!

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