vegan peppermint mocha || a “latte”cheer

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raindrops on roses and candy canes with everything….

these are a few of my favorite things. after this recipe you’ll hopefully add peppermint mocha lattes to the list as well. when the holidays roll around, i’m all about getting in the holiday flavors. with this recipe you can get a plant based breakfast with plenty of protein, + a bit of christmas cheer.

we had an odd december heat wave (close to 70!) this week on the east coast, but that didn’t stop me from getting the candy canes out. however an iced latte/smoothie concoction was super refreshing. can’t decide if this is a smoothie or latte yet, but with the coffee flavor i’m going with latte. it’s very frappachino like- without all the sugary syrups or dairy.

to kick up the nutritional value feel free to add raw cacao powder, some chia seed, or maca powder with little effect to the flavor.

for the protein i chose to add aloha protein. it is plant based, organic + delicious in the chocolate flavor. it also has all the amino acids, 18 grams of protein per serving (i use half a serving most times!) + it’s non gmo.

if you’re a vegan who ever gets the dreaded “where do you get your protein???” question, you will appreciate this stuff. you can find aloha protein here.

i chose to top my iced peppermint mocha latte with whipped coconut cream, dark chocolate + candy cane pieces. uh, yummmm.

easily leave out the coffee + have this as a healthy chocolate peppermint milkshake. kids need it sweeter? just add a bit of agave or cocoa powder.

fa la la la la, everyone.

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