wellness trends i’m all about – & a few i’m not.

1. health focused vacays.

long gone are the days of hectic vacations including jam packed itineraries. even worse, let’s say goodbye to the overindulgent getaway of nothing but booze and poolside burgers. i’m obsessed with wellness, detox ,and yoga retreats in exotic locales. i’m currently dreaming of either a yoga retreat filled with vegan food, meditation and multiple classes a day, or a more intensive program with all forms of exercise and a diet meant to cleanse and purify. most include holistic treatments and a bangin’ spa. these retreats are offered around the world – and they’re seriously my #travelinspo. cause, look.

here’s Goop’s list of where to find the best retreats.

goal, get to one. i’m seeing this in the not so distant future…

2. minimalism.

minimalism kaleinit

i’ll try to keep this brief as to not contradict myself. minimalism, downsizing, and keeping things that “spark joy” is having a moment right now. we should now let out a collective, “ahhhhh”.  a clean diet without a shit load of chemicals, a capsule wardrobe, a streamlined office filled with only the essentials, all inside of a tiny house?  i dig it.

keeping it simple doesn’t have to apply to just physical clutter and stuff. reducing the notifications, the commitments and expectations might be the healthiest of all minimalistic principles. and if you’re at all familiar with my instagram, you may have caught on that I like things clean, simple, and preferably placed on a white backdrop.

i plan to do a humorous (but very  real) blog post soon about how gaining weight and overcoming an eating disorder made me more of a minimalist. trust me, they’re related.

3. indoor plants.indoor plant

i have not been graced with green thumbs. however, i’m in love with the trend of bringing the outdoors inside your living space. it creates peace, purifies the air, and just brings a boho vibe that i’m all about. so, if you’re like me, stick to resilient plants like bamboo (home yoga space needs it) , succulents and snake plants. check out this gorgeous and slightly jungle-book-esque idea of the magic that can happen with house plants.

4. home delivery- gone green.

i’m super excited about an upcoming collaboration I’m doing with Veestro. it’s an entirely plant based and organic home delivery with gluten free options. they offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. also green juices. you’ll see me share a “what I ate today” feature on instagram of their dishes next week.

delivery, is always on trend. it reminds me of my blogging icon and overall life icon, Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential. her instagram bio sums it up- “i want it all -and i want it all delivered.” yeah, i’ve memorized her IG bio, moving on.

but she’s right. we want convenience, we value our time, and we also value our health. having a delivery service who can provide nothing but fresh, prepared, vegan food?

that’s the way to a healthy girl’s heart.

5. cleansing oils.

if someone told my teenage self that i would be slathering oil on my face, i would have told them to go enjoy the cystic acne. mind you, this teenager also ate crap and smoked cigarettes. soooooo, that’s a moot point.

i am going to go with the experts here. i am just becoming keen on this cleansing method, and have decided on making my own DIY version at home using 1 part castor oil to 3 parts carrier oil like safflower because of my naturally oily skin.

i’ll keep you posted on how it goes. also, here’s an article about how to choose your oil combo based on skin type.

6. melon juice.

this one is partially nostalgic. i used to be cut off from watermelon. like, my parents watched their toddler shoveling watermelon and causing herself to get a belly ache, and i was flagged.

anyway, it’s hydration in the sweetest form. watermelon contains essential vitamins, lycopene, folate, and vitamin c.

i’m loving the brand WTRMLN WTR. cold pressed, pure watermelon water with just a touch of lemon. and no need for vowels. also, beyonce is an investor. so, all hail queen bey.



and now, the health trends i’m not as into…

sensory deprivation tanks.

no gravity. no light. no sound. just anxiety. that’s what comes to my  mind. sensory deprivation tanks and float tanks are certainly a thing right now and a growing topic among the health and wellness world. why? they boast a lot of benefits such as heightened creativity, stimulated blood flow, pain relief and more.

it’s cool in theory. it’s just not for me. the health and wellness industry is booming, which brings me so much joy. new ideas, food products, and fitness classes are announced on the reg. but it’s ok not to follow everything just because it’s all over social media, blogs, or your local juice bar’s bulletin board. 

bone broth.

yeahh, I just don’t get it. although there are vegan options, I still don’t get it. but rather than bash the broth, i’ll focus on the good. i love some of it’s benefits, including gut health, and improving the immune system.

but my response is to up the intake of fermented foods such as kimchee, sauerkraut, kombucha (fave!), etc. by the way a kombucha brewing tutorial is coming.. and I was thinking about trying a DIY kimchee. anyone interested??

there you have it! a run down of what’s kaleinit in the health industry according to moi. did i miss anything you’re currently into? comment below and let’s keep the conversation around these hot trends going…





  1. May 5, 2016 / 1:52 am

    This list is amazing! I too admire minimalism and minimalists wholeheartedly. They are so inspiring and really spiritually abundant. It’s hard for me to cope with my emotional attachments to objects when I still have memories of them stored in my mind and that I can always make new memories by going out and living my life without clutter. Indoor plants are a must too! We change up our flower vases every two weeks or every month to rejuvenate the freshness of our home!

    • Kate
      May 8, 2016 / 12:05 am

      Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the list! I too adore minimalists. I understand the emotional attachment to some objects however as well. I try to balance both especially as I’m new to exploring minimalism! And you’re so right. The possibilities to make new memories is always there. That’s great that you keep fresh flowers in the home! I think it’s the easiest way to make your home feel inviting and special.


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