what’s GOOD?? // 1 new brand, 2 friends, + an online Society to join NOW!

guys, I’ve been working my ass off on a new project and I’m so proud to officially announce it! So without further adieu….

It’s called…drum roll please…. GOOD


GOOD is a health and wellness company on a mission to promote GOOD lives. My friend Jess and I are the creators of not only GOOD, but The Society- an online community that combines GOOD food and GOOD vibes to connect you with GOOD company. With new materials created seasonally, The Society allows you to make manageable changes to live your best life, all with the support of your new wellness tribe.

the good society

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Let’s get a few things out of the way…

  1. Our first season starts Wednesday, OCTOBER 5Th! Materials will be provided then, and the discussion/interactive support via the private FB group will begin Monday, October 10th. This allows you to browse the documents, get your fridge ready, and process. 
  2. We don’t sell shakes, supplements, body wraps, or anything else like that. And never will. That’s a promise.

Ok, phew. Now that we have gotten some logistics taken care of, let me fill you in on what GOOD is all about!

Who are we?

Well you all know me, but meet Jess! Jess is a holistic health coach, mom, and foodie! I met her through Instagram (cause that’s what happens these days…) and we are now two friends local to Philly and obsessed with health and wellness.

the good society

Photography – Wiliam Cudd of Monad Photography

We got together one day over coffee and we both felt we wanted MORE from the community we were building online. We wanted closer connections and wanted to provide even greater support. We wanted to create a community of women who share similar interests (like us) and talk to them, every.day.

 From newbies to health nuts, the GOOD Society content is designed to appeal and apply to every badass 

Who is a GOOD member?

Well, hopefully YOU become one. But if we had to narrow the GOOD girl (hehe) down to a demographic, Jess and I would say she’s…

  • A chic, health conscious woman who is looking to feel confident, vibrant, whole and empowered.
  • She’s busy as hell between family, career and social life.
  • She knows the benefit of whole, real foods and is seeking a way to incorporate them beyond a juice cleanse.
  • Like so many of us ladies, she’s balancing it all. And she wants to feel GOOD while doing it all.

Sound like you? Head to GOOD. 

Why join the GOOD Society?

So that we can help you feel GOOD! The Society was designed to make healthy living more.. do-able. Taking care of yourself is a tough thing to do, and we hope we can make that easier for you with our materials and support. 


Photography – Wiliam Cudd of Monad Photography

What are the GOODS?

Speaking of the materials, what are they? Well first off, the membership can be purchased seasonally (3 months) or yearly. The materials include, exclusive recipes that are vegan (with optional animal proteins if YOU choose), gluten free, dairy free, and refined sugar free. They are also seasonally inspired with produce that you’ll actually be able to find. Above all, they are delicious- trust us. 

But the GOOD Society is even more than recipes, it also includes :

  • meal planning guides
  • tips and tricks about holistic health, pantry/fridge staples, “healthy” food marketing, etc. 
  • a self love / self care journal. 
  • some short, simple and effective workouts that Angie Stewart put together for us!
  • support every damn day of your membership from Jess and/or myself in an exclusive, members only group of members.

Photography – Wiliam Cudd of Monad Photography

But, what’s this we hear about a wellness festival??

Oh yeah, that’s in the works too! Jess and I essentially wanted to just change the wellness scene in Philadelphia (and beyond). Casual.

good a wellness festival

So if you’re interested in GOOD: A Wellness Festival- head to our new site for the event here. 

Same brand, same feel, same philosophy. In fact, we hope all the GOOD Society members join us at the festival this Spring, along with the other 350+ woman we plan on hosting. 🙂 

More information and a full post on THAT soon! See why I’ve been so busy and less bloggy?

If you have any questions about GOOD: A Wellness Festival, or would like to speak or sponsor, email hello@thegoodfest.com.

For now, happy Monday, check out my new baby GOOD, and hope to see you in the Society!



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