winter white mocktail || pear kombucha sangria

kombucha sangria

weekend is here! + guess what? two weeks until christmas day.  where. has. this. month. gone. 

that means two weeks for me to wait ten days to finally go shopping the 48 hours before. yup, procrastination at its’ finest. 

i promised a mocktail every friday + here it is! i put together this super healthy faux cocktail using an asian pear flavored kombucha as the base. kombucha is amazing for the probiotic, gut health benefits. something that i’m pretty sure regular old pinot grigio is lacking…

if you can’t find a pear kombucha- maybe something else that sounds light + refreshing with the ingredients. or, grab original flavor. the fruit, herbs + agave that is added should be plenty to enhance the beverage. 


to make: (serves 2)

1 small granny smith apple

handful of fresh cranberries

1/2 of a naval orange

2 tbsp. agave nectar

1 sprig of rosemary

2 bottles of kombucha


place all ingredients in a pitcher or large glass. cover + allow to sit for a few hours for flavors to combine. if your kombucha becomes some what flat from being open- add a splash of seltzer.

or, you can replace the pear kombucha with sparkling apple cider. however, if you go this route i would suggest taking out the agave, as it will be very sweet! 

cheers, everyone! may you find the strength to go christmas shopping before christmas eve. 


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